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From traditional classroom teachers, online-learning teachers, homeschool teachers, parents and caregivers supervising remote learning at home – at MRCPL we offer resources for every teaching and learning style.

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Ohio Animals

Students start learning about Ohio Animals in elementary school.  Here are some free library resources to help children learn more about the animals that reside in Ohio: Books Amazing insects and spiders by George C. McGavin  This book discusses the life cycles as well as physical characteristics and behaviors of spiders and bugs including praying mantises

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Creative Outlets for Stressful Times

Now that a new year has begun and school seems to be in session for most children, we want to help you help your students be successful in the new year. One way to help foster feelings of self worth and accomplishment is to encourage creativity in daily activities. Creativity can manage stress, increase calm feelings, and bolster enthusiasm for

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Don't Forget about BookFlix!

A digital literacy resrouce that pairs more than 120 animated stories from Weston Woods with a best-selling nonfiction eBook from Scholastic on a similar subject. 

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