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Libraries Around Town

Little Free Libraries are an excellent opportunity for us to expand outside of our 9 locations and still offer resources to other areas of the community and different audiences. 

Have you ever gone geocaching? It’s basically like modern treasure hunting. You find hidden treasure in a specified location and once you find it, you can take a piece of the treasure and you leave something for the next person to find. Well our Little Free Libraries are similar, except they’re not hidden. Actually, they’re pretty easy to find. They function the same way as a geocache though. Just find one of our Little Free Libraries in any of the locations below and take a book and leave a book.

Little Free Library Locations:

Vending Machine Library

We’re expanding the library outside of our 9 locations with our new Vending Library at the Mansfield YMCA. Think library meets Red Box! With your MRCPL library card you can now check out materials from our collection right there at the YMCA after your workout. And not only that, you can return them there too! Grab your running shoes, your swimsuit, your water bottle, and grab a book, and work out your whole body and mind!