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Our Story, Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values.

Our Story

Since our first opening in 1889, the first 700 books, and the first set of the Congressional Record, the library has been a source for free access to knowledge, information, and resources in Mansfield. That will never change. We are a bridge connecting people to the knowledge and resources they might not otherwise have access to. But the technological and information era has changed the landscape. Things that used to be a barrier to access are eroding and the amount of information and resources now available is ever-expanding and changing.

While the library continues to be a storehouse of traditional materials, we also are expanding to offer new and innovative items that people might not think a library would offer. Our library is way more than just books! And we are no longer limited by the walls of our 9 locations or our daily open hours either! Customers across our community and across the state can access the library anywhere, anytime using our Digital Resources. They can take classes, learn new skills online, read or listen to books on their devices, stream movies, and check out things like telescopes, power tools, and more.

In the global and digital age, we also recognize the importance of being rooted in our community offering innovative resources, programming, and events specifically for our customers. We are a center for people of all ages to come together to have fun, learn, grow, craft, seek knowledge and understanding, connect, and engage!

Our Goals

  • Amplify our role as a community gather space.
  • Maximize our reach beyond our physical buildings.
  • Positively impact lives through responsive programming.
Strategic Goal 1

Amplify our role as a community gathering space


Facilitate proactive conversations about community concerns and interests.
Rejuvenate facilities to reflect an expanded role as a gathering space.
Promote the library as a convener and gathering space.

Strategic Goal 2

Maximize our reach beyond our physical buildings


Increase awareness of our community presence.
Share our stories through various communications options.
Deepen our infrastructure to encourage and accommodate staff outreach.
Deliver relevant service alternatives.

Strategic Goal 3

Positively impact lives through responsive programming


Create dynamic programming focused on community needs.
Expand and develop relevant programming partnerships.

Our Mission

Here at the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library, our mission is to be a hub connecting our community to information, resources, and each other. We want to be a leader in offering endless possibilities to everyone across Richland County by providing traditional materials, digital resources, and unusual, new, and innovative items to check out. 

Our Vision

Beyond just offering materials and resources, our aim is to truly be a community center open to all offering engaging and relevant programming, events, and experiences for people of all ages supporting a vibrant quality of life.

Our Values

  • Open to all
  • Educational
  • Positive
  • Welcoming
  • Inspiring
  • Collaborative
  • Visionary
  • Imaginative
  • Customer Focused
  • Fun