This is an alert bar. Due to COVID-19, face covering required in all MRCPL buildings. Thank you for your cooperation!


We have various electronics for the public to check out.

Video Game Controllers

Have a friend coming over? Borrow an extra controller! We loan video game controllers for a variety of gaming consoles.

Loan Period – 7 days, each controller counts toward the video game checkout limit


The Kill-A-Watt is an energy analyzing device to check on how much energy your household appliances use. Just plug the device into a standard 120 volt AC outlet and connect your chosen appliance to the device. The LCD display will show the energy consumption in kilowatt-hours.

Loan Period – 21 days

Streaming Sticks

Check out a Streaming Stick and plug it into your HDMI-compatible TV to stream from a variety of pre-loaded apps. Streaming Sticks require wireless internet. If you do not have wireless internet you may  request a wi-fi hotspot from the library.

Must be at least 18 years old to borrow. 

Do not attempt to rent, purchase, or access additional content. Any tampering with content or account information may result in a late fee until the device can be reset for the next customer.

Loan Period – 7 days


Pre-loaded with audiobooks, learning apps, videos, and read-alongs, these tablets provide digital entertainment for people of all ages.

The Launchpad collection is growing and has added pre-loaded options for brain games, word games, hidden pictures, and more. Search the collection at the “Check Availability” button below. 

Loan Period – 14 days.

WiFi Hotspots

Whether you’re taking a road trip or having a picnic in the park, stay connected anywhere! This mobile hotspot provides high-speed WiFi for up to 10 devices. Charge it and go! This item requires a signed borrower’s agreement at check out.

Must be at least 18 years old to borrow and have a valid photo ID. 

Internet content filtering is NOT provided through the Wireless Hotspot. Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children access via the Hotspot.

Read the WiFi Hotspot instructions here.

Loan Period – 7 days

Portable Video Projector

This portable projector offers both wireless and wired connectivity. You can play games, watch movies, and stream from a phone via multiple interfaces, including VGA, HDMI, flash memory, and memory card. It also allows you to stream video from both Android and iOS devices. An external Wi-Fi connection is required for video streaming.

Loan Period – 7 days

Metal Detector

You can begin finding treasure right away in your own backyard or wherever you travel! Easy to use for any age. 

Loan Period: 14 days.

Bluetooth Speaker

You can use this to pair with a Bluetooth-compatible smart phone, and listen to your favorite music, audiobooks, and more! 

Portable Sound Machine

This portable sound machine offers 6 different nature sounds including White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook. The mini sound machine features an adjustable volume setting allowing you to easily relax or fall asleep, even with undesirable background noise.