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WiFi Hotspot Instructions

The Network Name/SSID and Password are located on the back of the Hotspot.

To Connect Your Device to the Mobile Hotspot's WiFi Network:

1. Turn on the Mobile Hotspot.

2. On your computer or mobile device, search for available WiFi networks. Select the Network Name/SSID for your Mobile Hotspot.

3. Enter the password. It may take a couple of minutes to establish a connection.

4. If you have trouble with your Hotspot:
Mon.–Fri. 9 AM–4 PM,
call IT Dept. @ 419.521.3151
Mon.–Fri. 4 PM–8 PM
Sat. 9 AM–5 PM
Sun. 1–5 PM,
call Computer Lab @ 419.521.3146
After hours, email

When trying to connect to the Hotspot,if you see a web page asking for a password and login, this means that there is no T-Mobile service in your area. Check the Hotspot  – if there is an “X” in the upper left corner, service is not available.

The only place you will need to enter a password is on the device itself. (See #3 above.)

Service is dependent on T-Mobile network availability in your area.

Internet content filtering is NOT provided through the MRCPL Wireless Hotspot.
Parents/Guardians are responsible for monitoring what their children access via the Hotspot.

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