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Northstar Digital Literacy

Looking to improve your digital literacy?

The Northstar Digital Literacy Program is based around a series of quick online assessments that test your knowledge of the most essential computer skills, so that you can identify the gaps in your knowledge and guide your learning. Northstar was developed in response to the needs of job seekers who may lack the digital literacy skills needed to seek, obtain, and retain employment, as well as to perform other tasks in daily life.

Northstar Digital Literacy modules are grouped into three main areas:

  • Essential Computer Skills—Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email,
    Windows OS, Mac OS
  • Essential Software Skills—Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs
  • Using Technology in Daily Life—Social Media, Information Literacy, Career
    Search Skills, Supporting K-12 Distance Learning, your Digital Footprint.

If you’re interested in taking a proctored exam to gain a certificate or just want to know more about Northstar, email us at; call us on 419-521-3146; or drop in and see us in the Learning Lab.