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Do you have very strong opinions about superheroes? Does your perfect day involve playing video games 24/7? Maybe you’re a well-respected dungeon master or can name each and every Doctor in the correct order. If so, these resources are here to help connect you to the things you love (and if not, these resources are a great starter on geek culture!)

Web Resources

Fandom and Participatory Culture – This page on subcultures and sociology defines fandoms, and tackles topics like identity, hierarchies, and more.

Fandom – Find up-to-date information on TV shows, movies, comics, and video games.

Nerdist – Read the latest news, and watch original content like Save Point and Because Science. 

What Are Role Playing Games, Even? – A quick explanation of what defines a role playing game, the most popular games, and how to play them. 

Canon, Fanon, Shipping and More – This site explains all about the world of fanfiction, including where to find it, and how to tell a ship from an AU.

Superherohype – Learn more about geek culture, and read up on movies, TV, comics, and superheroes.

Streaming & Downloads

Hoopla – Stream movies and TV shows, read comics, and listen to audiobooks.

Kanopy – Watch independent films, documentaries, and instructional films.

Ohio Digital Library – Check out eBooks, audiobooks, comics, and stream movies and music.

Find A Book With Our Search Starters


Fanthropological – Hosted by Nick Green, Nick Terwood, and Nick Zacharewicz, this pod explores the real and wonderful world of fandoms. Topics covered include if sequels are necessary, and discusses everything from Critical Role to Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatches.

Five(ish) Fangirls – A podcast covering all things geeky and nerdy, all from the female perspective. Some of fandoms include (but are not limited to) Disney, Marvel, Doctor Who…and much more!

Breaking the Panel! – Join in the never-ending discussion, of all things FANDOM via interesting news, the podcast, streaming, and more! The crew (and friends) talk about what they love in fandom while really trying to making each other laugh each week.

Fandom, Fanfic, and Fangirls – Your one stop shop on the latest gossip and discussion on all things fandom.

Down and Nerdy – The best nerd podcast for comic books, movies, TV, video games, and more from geek culture!

At the Library

Borrow a game from our Library of Things collection or a video game from our media collection. From the newest releases to your favorite from the past, browse our collection of games for every system-Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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