This is an alert bar. Due to COVID-19, face covering required in all MRCPL buildings. Thank you for your cooperation!

Public Bulletin Board Policy

M/RCPL provides bulletin board space for local non-profit events and activities. Programs and events publicized on the library’s bulletin boards should be compatible with the library’s purpose of providing educational, cultural, recreational, and informational services to the community.

Permission is given based upon the limitations of display space, the timeliness of the material, and the relevance of the material to the civic, educational, informational, cultural, recreational, or vocational life of the community. 

M/RCPL will not display personal advertisements, petitions, solicitations, surveys, for-profit, or commercial material. Staff may make exceptions for announcements of educational opportunities provided by profit-making businesses, items including a variety of beneficiaries, or local entertainment/cultural events that could be considered of interest and value to their communities.

Promotional political literature cannot be displayed at M/RCPL, due to space limitations in several locations. To maintain a neutral stance on political candidates and issues, M/RCPL would have to display all materials at all locations; since that is not possible, no political fliers, posters, brochures etc. are allowed.

Authorization is based upon the provisions of this policy and will not be based upon the viewpoint, beliefs, or affiliations of the non-profit group or the viewpoints expressed in the material. Posting or distribution of any such material in the library does not indicate library endorsement of the ideas, issues, or events promoted by that material.


  1. All notices, posters, and free literature must be approved and placed on the bulletin board or in the display racks by library staff. Items found posted without permission will be removed. All notices should be left at the Circulation Desk at any location, for approval by a branch manager or the Communications Dept. at Main Library.
  2. Advertised events should occur within 30 days. Notices advertising dated activities will be removed as soon as the event ends. Notices about services or events with no end date will be displayed for a period not to exceed 30 days. While accepted, posters may be on display for a shorter period of time if demand is high.
  3. The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of material posted or distributed. Material will not be returned. 
  4. Preference will be given to posters 11×17 inches and smaller. Poorly constructed and/or hand-written posters or flyers will not be posted.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, October 2022.