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Fine Free

We no longer charge fines for overdue items*. A key component of MRCPL’s mission is to provide resources and experiences for people of all ages, supporting a vibrant quality of life. Waiving fines is one way that we can ensure that all people in Richland County have access to our resources at all 9 locations.

What does this mean for MRCPL cardholders?

Does this apply to all physical materials at MRCPL?
* Almost! Overdue items borrowed from our Library of Things that require a signed Borrower’s Agreement are still subject to the overdue fines as marked. Items that require a Borrower’s Agreement will still accrue fines if not returned by the due date. The fine for these items will be $1.25 per day per item with a max overdue fine of $12.50. Items included in this: Telescopes, bikes, tools, hotspots, Roku devices, and sewing machines.

Because MRCPL does not own OhioLink materials, borrowed items from those collections will remain subject to overdue fines as marked. OhioLINK items will still accrue fines if overdue. This is the usual amount of $0.50 per day per item with a max late fine of $50 and a charge of $125 for lost or damaged items.

SearchOhio is now fine free with a $25 charge for lost or damaged.

How will the library make money without fines?
Only 0.4% of MRCPL’s annual revenue is generated by paid fines. The amount of revenue collected was already dramatically reduced in 2018 with the implementation of automatic renewals and lower fines. This change will not affect the availability of services and resources we provide.

Are there fines on digital resources?
No, as always, digital materials are returned automatically and do not accrue late fines. 

Without overdue fines, how will the library ensure that all items are returned?
Fines for damaged or unreturned items will still be charged. In these instances, Full-Service library cards will be blocked and customers will not be able to check out any physical materials until the replacement fee(s) have been paid. Library cards will be charged for the full price of the item if not returned within 21 days of the due date. 

Library accounts deemed delinquent may be sent to a collection agency.