This is an alert bar. Due to COVID-19, face covering required in all MRCPL buildings. Thank you for your cooperation!

Richland Public Health

Thanks for a grant procured by Richland Public Health, 7 of our 9 library locations now offer free menstruation products in the public restrooms.

AuntFlow® ensures businesses, libraries, and schools can sustainably provide quality period products, for free, in bathrooms. Their products are made with organic cotton (no weird stuff) and AuntFlow® is constantly working to reduce its environmental impact! 

M/RCPL and Richland Public Health have partnered to offer blood pressure cuffs that library customers can borrow. These blood pressure (BP) cuffs were provided to the Library through a grant written by Richland Public Health. Customers can borrow the cuffs from the library in order to track their blood pressure over a period of 2 weeks.
Read more about tracking your blood pressure and the BP/Heart Health connection here.


For more information about borrowing BP Cuff Kits, click here.

Visitors to the Main Library will notice a second partnership with Richland Public Health - a drinking fountain that has a special water bottle spout.


This fountain (located in the 2nd floor lobby of our Main Library) allows library guests to easily refill water bottles and encourages people to drink water before pop or juice and to re-use water bottles. 

Have old or unwanted medications in your house? Get rid of them safely — and for free — using Deterra bags. It could save a life! Deterra bags have a deactivation system that will make old and unwanted medications nontoxic, so they can be disposed of in an environmentally safe way. People can then throw out medicines like oxycodone or fentanyl that might otherwise be abused.


According to Deterra System website, "Addiction to prescription painkillers is a serious public safety issue. The majority of abusers get their first dose from a family member’s medicine cabinet. Thieves often look for such medications during break-ins, to use or to sell on the street."


Deterra bags are available via Curbside Pick Up or at the reference/circulation desks at each MRCPL location. Ask for one today!

Drug Deactivation Bags

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Drinking Fountain