Random Book Sighting!

I know it’s been forever since we’ve had one of these, especially since we’ve been putting actual book reviews up recently, but Miss Melanie at Main spotted a great book and wanted to share with everyone!


Harmony A Vision for Our Future

Harmony: A Vision For Our Future by The Prince of Wales


Miss Melanie says:

Prince Charles has long been an organic gardener and has practiced sustainability for many years at his residence, Highgrove Estate. In this beautiful book, Charles points out the many ways we can witness harmony in Nature and how we can copy these systems to help preserve life on Earth. Readers are encouraged to take a close look at natural systems and find patterns and shapes in Nature.
Ages: Young readers. This is a child’s version of his adult book.

Anyone interested in gardening, our planet, or nature would love this book! Be sure to check it out!

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