Kids Can Find News and Info They Can Trust

you can find the truth

Are you a kid, teacher,  or a parent looking for truthful news and solid information?  This page is for you!  Here we share how to sort though the overload of information on the internet to help you to uncover what you want and need to know. 

  • DID YOU KNOW? . . . . . Photos and news stories can be remixed and reused to look like fresh new true stories when they are anything but true.  HOW?    
  • Some people make a HOAX - (a crazy story as a joke) that others will fall for and spread.  
  • Others make CLICKBAIT - a story they made up - so that they get the profits from the ads on their website.
  • Others do not include supporting facts to back up what is being stated as true.

BUT . . . . . There are trusty ways to get to the truth and the facts that support the truth!

Check out the good background and information seeking strategies brought to you by

They also made this GREAT learning tool, and all accounts are FREE!

Enjoy the game for kids created by National Geographic to help you decide what is true!

In a hurry ?  Challenge yourself to Factitious, the game that dares you to find the true story!  Play it on the computer or on your phone or tablet.  







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