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Early Literacy


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Early Literacy is what your child knows about reading and writing before they can actually read or write.

You Are Your Child's First Teacher!

Roughly 35% of children in the United States enter school without the basic skills that are needed to learn to read.  You can help your child get ready to learn to read by having fun with these activities based on the Every Child Ready to Read®project of the American Library Association.

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Give your child lots of opportunities to speak, and encourage them to express themselves verbally.

When sharing books, ask your child to describe what they see in the pictures. Share meanings of words that may be unfamiliar rather than replacing them with words they are used to. Try playing a game where you repeat the new word, or make up a melody to help them learn the new word.

Songs are a fun and easy way for children to learn about language because it helps the child hear and identify the different sounds that make up words. Clapping along to the music also helps the child to separate the sounds of the words they are hearing, and that there are different sounds that make up words.

mother reading to toddler

Reading with your child is the best way to help them get ready to read! By spending time reading with your child, they learn how to turn pages, how to follow the text, and what letters look like.

Choose books that you will both enjoy! If you are enthusiastic about reading time, your child will be too. Be sure to talk about the book and the pictures, and always respond to your child's questions or comments. Always keep the interaction positive and enjoyable, and if you really liked a story you shared together, tell your child how much you enjoyed it!

Read the same story over and over....then see if your child can "read" you the story!

Encourage your child to scribble away by giving them lots of opportunity to draw and write. Ask them to describe what they are drawing and help them to put their name on their pictures. This will help them make the connection between words they hear and words they say.

Playing is beneficial because children begin to understand that the words they hear and see stand for real objects and experiences. Encourage your child to use their imaginations with toys, stuffed animals and/or puppets to tell and re-tell their stories.

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Fun Fingerplays and Rhymes - Favorites chosen by MRCPL Children's Staff.

Early Literacy Calendar - Fun activities to do each day of the month to help prepare your child to read!

Story Times @ M/RCPL - Information about where they are and even a sample video!

Reading and Literacy Games - Educational sites chosen by MRCPL Children's Staff.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten - Participate in this fun free program @ MRCPL.

Interactive Early Literacy Websites

Lil' Fingers Storybooks - a storybook site for toddlers with educational games, storybooks and printable coloring pages.

PBS KIDS - Educational Games, Videos and Activities For Kids.

Baby Karaoke - Sing along with nursery rhymes & songs for baby from the Raising Children Network.

Day By Day Ohio -  A tool that families, caregivers, educators, and librarians can use at home, at the library, on the go, and in the classroom. It features fun interactive daily content you can use to help your child develop early literacy skills.

Early Literacy Websites for More InformationChild with star

PBS Parents Reading and Language - Learn how children become readers and writers and how YOU can help them develop by talking, reading, and writing together every day.

Grow Up Reading - Information on brain development, emergent literacy, activities, and books to Read for each stage of your child's development.

Get Ready to - Early Literacy information from the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

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