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Text Message Notification

You can receive library notices as text messages. These brief messages won't include all the details like titles or due dates, but you can log into your account to get the details, or call any library location.

Please note:
1. Text message charges from your cell phone carrier may apply.
2. The automated text message notices go out 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. seven days a week.
3. You can't reply to the texts (you can, but your reply will go nowhere).
4. The messages are sent out through OPLIN, so the phone number will have a “614” area code or a several digit abbreviation (e.g., 760-00).

How to do it:
You'll need to have your phone number (in a special format) in the email address field of your record. Here are the details:

We can set this up for you at any check-in/check-out desk, or you can do this yourself by editing your existing email address or adding the text message format to your account.

Click on "Account Login" or "Login" in the upper right corner of our web site or catalog.

Once you're logged in, click the "Modify Personal Info" link on the left.

Just put in your 10-digit cell phone number with no spaces or punctuation, followed by "". Separate this from your email address with a comma but no space.

It doesn't matter which comes first - email address or phone number (in text message format). All the following examples will work:,,

You do not have to get email notifications in order to receive text notifications. Getting both, especially if you have a smartphone, might be a good idea; you can easily check the email for details, whether the message is a reminder of due dates coming up, notice of holds that are ready for you, or an overdue notice.

Ask at any check-in/check-out desk for more information.

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