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Antiques & Collectibles

Are you drawn to the allure of antiques? Hear the claxon call of collectibles? This is the subject guide for you. Read on to find books, magazines, and other resources that will allow you to learn all about your hobby—brought to you by the library! 

Print Resources: Magazines

Search Starters

Research Resources

Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center – This site offers detailed how-to instructions and creative ideas to meet the interests of virtually every hobby enthusiast. Full text is provided from leading hobby and craft magazines. Pop in “antiques and collectibles” into the search box and head on down that rabbit hole.

Web Resources

Antiques Roadshow – Touring the country to see and appraise the nations’ treasures, find out what people are storing in their attics and garages.

Ebay – It’s eBay! You can find nearly anything here, need we say more?

Bookfinder – From used books to textbooks, find books worldwide.

AskArt – Find, learn about and price any art that you may be looking for or hoarding at home!

Cleveland Museum of Art –  Cleveland’s very own world renowned art museum, providing Ohio with a wealth of information on all aspects of art. From historic to modern, you’ll find all you need to know, and can even email an art librarian!

Hotwheels – North Carolina Hotwheels Association provides a guide to all things Hotwheels.

Matchbox –  Matchbox University. Search multiple ways for information on your favorite Matchbox car, truck or wheeled conveyance.

Fishing Lures – Your connection for information on antique fishing lures, it will be sure to hook you up.

Doll Reference – Have a doll you need to know more about? Look no further. has dolls from all over the world!

General – Need to know what it’s worth? spans all sorts of antiques and collectibles, from fine art to memorabilia.

Check out a Useful Book about Antiques & Collectibles

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Last updated 08/11/2022