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What's the Hoopla™ all about?

Free - yes, free - digital video, music and audiobooks, streaming to your computer or downloadable to your mobile device. And no overdue fees - materials are automatically returned when the lending period is over. Hoopla gives you access to more than 3,000 movies and TV shows, 9,000 audiobooks and more than 100,000 music albums.No waiting lists – Hoopla items are licensed for multiple simultaneous users. Borrow items and play instantly on your device or computer.

All you need is a current, valid library card and a home computer or mobile device.

Get the app:
If you want to use Hoopla on a mobile device.  
App Store (IOS 6 and up)   Google Play (Android 4.0 and up)

Using Hoopla:
Sign up hoopladigital.com or by using the app on your mobile device.
Click on Sign Up. Follow the prompts – you should see Mansfield/Richland County Public Library as one of the options to select. You’ll need to provide your library card number and an email address; you will also create a password. Your email address and password will need to be entered twice for validation.

Browse titles – choose a Music, Movies, Audiobooks or Television tab. You may also Search for a specific title by using the Search box; just type in your title, keyword or performer.

Borrow an item - click on the title icon, then click on the Borrow button. The items you’re borrowing can be found under the My Titles tab for viewing or listening. Borrowed items will automatically be returned when the lending period is over.

Need Help?
Visit www.hoopladigital.com and click on Help at the bottom of the page.
View FAQs and Support
Email – info@hoopladigital.com

Things you need to know:

  • You may only check out 8 Hoopla items, total, per month.
       If you check out 8 items in March, you will have to wait until April to check out more.
  • No renewals, no late fees.
  • No waiting lists – Hoopla items are licensed for multiple simultaneous users. 
  • Loan periods:
       Movies & TV shows – 3 days
       Music – 7 days
       Audiobooks – 21 days

If you prefer watching instructions, here are a few videos that you might be interested in.
General Overview 
Creating an Account
IOS App Overview
Reporting an Error 

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