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Here Are Some Reading Suggestions:

First Row:

Book published in 2019: Check out some of our newest titles published in 2019 on our new books page. 

Book with a number in the title: Check out one or two of these books from this Goodreads list. 

Book by an author you've never heard of: Nothing catching your eye browsing the shelves? Pick from this Goodreads list of Best Books You've Never Heard Oftry this list from Lithub of Ten Great Authors Nobody Reads, or this list of 20 Notoriously Underrated Writers You Should be Reading.

Book you started but never finished: We all have that list of books we should pick up again. Check the catalog or ask a librarian about that one you started in middle school or high school. Or maybe that best seller you had to return because it was overdue?

Book about space, astronauts, or other galaxies: Check out one of these space themed titles available at the library.

Second Row:

Book that has won an award: Check out some award winners in our NoveList Plus database. Or select from among some of the most coveted awards: Agatha Award, Hugo AwardsNational Book Awards, National Book Critics Circle Award,  The Man Booker Prize, or the Pulitzer Prize.  

Book you should have read in high school, but didn't: We have all the classics, check out one of these suggested books available at the library.  

Book with the word "star" in the title: It's surprisingly common, here's a list of few you may like. Or you can search the catalog

Book over 500 pages long: Ready to settle into a long summer read? Check out these titles.

Book for a book discussion (then attend one!): Start a book club using any of our large collection of Book Club books or read a book selected for an upcoming Book Discussion Group

Third Row:

Book by an author with the same initials as your best friend: Fiction is organized alphabetically by author name, browse the shelves or ask a librarian for assistance.

Graphic novel:  We have an impressive collection of Adult and Teen Graphic Novels. Come browse the shelves or check out one the newest Adult Graphic Novels and Teen Graphic Novels. Or check out from this must read list. 

Book that was made into a movie: Read the book, then check out the movie! Here are some suggestions

Book recommended by a favorite author: One of our favorite websites, Fantastic Fiction, provides author recommended reads.  Simply search for your favorite author and scroll to the bottom of their page for some recommendations.  Joanne Fluke recommends Death of a Dog Whisperer by Laurien Berenson. 

Book you picked up from a library display:  We have many displays, so come into your favorite library location and grab a couple items from them. 

Fourth Row:

Book from a genre you don't normally read: Are you sci-fi reader? Mystery or romance? Non-fiction? What about westerns? We have them all and more!

Audiobook: We have many! Browse our collection in the Audio Visual department or check out one of our newest additions. 

Banned book: They aren't banned here! Pick from this list of Banned Books That Shaped America from

Young adult book: Ask a Teen Librarian for one of their favorites, browse the Teen Zone, or check out some of our newest additions here

Chapter book from your childhood: Ask a Children's Librarian for one of their favorites, browse the Juvenile chapter books, or try an advanced search in Novelist K-8 Plus and search by year of publication. 

Fifth Row:

Book you chose because of it's cover art: Browse our shelves, we have so many beauties! Or check out some of our newest covers

Science Fiction Book: Check out this list of 15 Essential Sci-Fi Books You Must Read To Get Your Nerd Card; or this list of Must Read SciFi.

Non-fiction book: Read up on a topic you would like to know more about. Ask a librarian, browse the non-fiction (don't forget biographies!), or pick up one of these newest titles. 

Book with a one-word title: Here's a challenge: Read one of these recommended books with just one word in the title

Book that's been on your "to read" list for more than 2 years: Here's your chance to finally pick that book up you've been meaning to read. Are any of these books from Goodreads best of 2017 on your list? 

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