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Homeschoolers at the Library

Homeschoolers at the Library has ended for the 2018-2019 school year.
Have a great summer!

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Parent Resource Sheets from previous Homeschoolers at the Library

Introduction to the Library (library resources)
Come in and explore the resources the library has available for homeschooling families.
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Autumn Awesomeness (science)
What makes leaves turn colors in the fall? Some animals migrate south and some don't--why is that? Come in and explore the answers to these and other questions about fall!
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Craftastic (art, history)
Do you like to create things from scratch? We will learn about the history of crafting and give you a chance to create your own great craft masterpieces!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Games Galore! (history, extracurricular)
Do you like board games? Are you good at cards? Come find out the origins of games, play a game, and make your own to take home!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Are You an Inventor? (science, history, engineering)
Come in and learn about some really cool inventors and their inventions that we use every day. Then, explore some inventions of your own. You will be able to call yourself an inventor by the end of the program!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Build That Bridge! (science, engineering)
The Golden Gate Bridge, London Bridge, and Mackinac Bridge--come in and find out how and why these cool structures are built. We will look at all kinds of bridges and try our hand at building our own!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Discover Mansfield! (history, cultural enrichment)
When was Mansfield, Ohio, founded? Who named the town? What are some of the city's best attractions? What else can we learn about Mansfield? Come to the library and explore this cool city through books, photos, and other resources!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

The Science of Music (science, music)
Is there science to music? Come in and find out! We will learn how music works and try a few experiments involving sound and music. You don't have to be a musician to enjoy learning about music!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

It's a Scavenger Hunt! (history, problem-solving)
If you like scavenger hunts, this is the program for you! Come in and learn about the origin of scavenger hunts and how they are used today in many different ways. Be prepared to put your scavenger skills to use!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Cool Computers! (technology, lab)
Come to the library and learn something new about computers! From their history and development to their importance today and how computers can be used at the library, students will discover how these cool machines work and help people every day. This will be a hands-on learning lab.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Could You Survive? (life skills)
Do you have the skills to survive in the wild? How about in your backyard? What if the power goes out? We will read stories of survival, learn about how people have survived in the past, and explore some cool skills needed to survive different situations.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Animal Buddies (biology)
A dog is called man's best friend but what other animals make good pets? Can one animal be a pet to another? Are animals friends just like humans? We will read about some really cool animal friends and find out how we can be a friend to different animals.
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It's a Mystery (literature, problem-solving)
Do you like to solve mysteries? Then come join us for a mysterious program! Put on your detective's hat as we explore things like different types of mysteries, mystery book series, and mysterious careers, and then solve some mysteries of our own!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Wonderful Weather (science, lab)
Why is the air so dry in the winter? What causes snow to fall some places but not others? Why isn't there a threat of tornadoes during the winter? We will find answers to these questions and many more! Come prepared for hands-on experiments and lots of fun!
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Celebrate Valentine's Day! (history, art)
Come in and help us celebrate Valentine's Day! We will explore the history of the holiday, discover different traditions from around the world, and share in some "heart-y" fun!
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Roller Coasters (science)
They are sometimes fun to ride and other times scary, but how do roller coasters work? What keeps them from coming off their track? How long does it take to build one of these huge amusement rides? Come in to learn how roller coasters came to be, how they are made, cool trivia, and much more!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Be a Poet! (literature)
Do you like poetry? Do you think you can be a poet? The month of April is National Poetry Month, when everyone becomes a poet! Come in to read some cool poems, explore different types of poetry, and try your hand at crafting your own cool poem.
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Get Up and Move! (physical education, extracurricular)
It's National Fitness Month so come help us celebrate by getting up and moving around! We will explore different kinds of fitness, read a few cool books, and play some high-energy games! This isn't gym class--it's much more fun!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

A Book is a Book (literature, technology)
What is a book? How is it formed? Come to the library to find out! We will take a look at the history of books, how they are made, and where to find books in the library. We will also complete some activities and a craft.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Let's Make Some Magic (science)
Do you like magic tricks? Can you make things disappear? Would you like to learn something new? We will explore the origins of magic tricks and how they are used today, as well as learn some tricks of our own.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Set Sail on a Ship (history, technology, science)
Ships were at one time the only way to cross an ocean. But they weren't anything like they are now! Come in and find out what it was like to travel on the Mayflower and how ships have changed since then.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Cloth, Clothe, Clothing & Clothes! (history, home economics)
Come in and explore the cloth's past! We will look at how cloth is made, how it is used, and how it can be reused. We will find examples of different kinds of clothing and look at how clothes vary around the world. Everyone will make a cloth project to take home!
Word Document/.doc      PDF

Around the World in 80 Minutes (geography)
Let's travel around the world! How many countries can we visit in 80 minutes? Come in and find out! We will read some books, play some games, and make a multicultural craft to take home.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Do You Know the President?  (history, language arts)
Help us celebrate Presidents' Day! Do you know which President was a peanut farmer? How about which President was also an actor? Who served four terms? Come in and find out! We will explore the lives of past Presidents, find out how our future President will be elected, and investigate what it takes to hold the position.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Fact or Fiction? (history, language arts)
Real or made-up? Non-fiction or fiction? True or false? Come it to discover the truth behind facts, or maybe fiction, and the difference between the two. Be sure to bring your investigative skills!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Be Money Smart (history, economics, finance)
April 18 - 25 is Money Smart Week®! Come in and find out how you can be Money Smart! We will explore the history of money and ways to use it wisely. Stories and games will be included.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

It Grows From the Earth (science, agriculture, biology)
The ground is warming and things are starting to grow! Flowers, vegetables, trees, and more, we will explore all things that grow from the Earth. Join us for budding stories and some hands-on fun!   Word Document/.doc      PDF 

Who's Dewey? (history, library science)
Do you know who Dewey is? How can his innovation help you in the library? Come in and find out about Dewey and his great Decimal System!   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Magic Colors (art, science)
Magical colors and magical books! Come find out how to make colors come to life! We will read stories and participate in art activities.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Spy School (critical thinking, problem-solving)
Have you ever wanted to be a spy? Here's your chance! Come in and find out how master some awesome detective skills.   Word Document/.doc      PDF

Birds of a Feather (science, language arts)
Many birds fly south for the winter to escape the cold but some stay. Come in and find out about different birds, where they migrate to, and what they do if they don't fly south.
Word Document/.doc      PDF

Snow Amazing (weather, science)
How is snow made? Is it just frozen rain? Is it true that every snowflake is different? Come in and explore how and why snowflakes form, what makes all snowflakes different, and how to make your own snow!    Word Document/.doc      PDF

Once Upon a Fairy Tale (language arts, history)
Once upon a time in a faraway land…a fairy tale was formed! Where do fairy tales come from? Why are there six versions of one story? We will discover fairy tales from around the world, how they change into new stories, and try our hand at creating our own!
Word Document/.doc     PDF

Art of Illustration (art, literature)
Book illustrations are one of the things that make books so fun to read! Come in and learn about the different art forms used in children’s picture books and about the Caldecott Award given for book illustration.   Word Document/.doc     PDF

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (astronomy, science)
Look up at the sky on a clear night and you will see hundreds of these shining lights. But what are stars? And what makes them so bright and sparkly? Come in and find out!
Word Document/.doc     PDF

Would You Want to Live Without Books? (history, language arts)
Books are a big part of our lives! What would happen if there weren’t any books? Come in and find out about the importance of books and the different ways they are a part of our lives.   Word Document/.doc     PDF

Be Kind All the Time (writing, character studies)
What is kindness? Have you ever practiced kindness? Come participate in a few acts of kindness and learn about the significance of volunteerism.   Word Document/.doc     PDF

The Nutcracker (dance, theater)
One of the most beloved ballets of all time may be The Nutcracker. Join us as we partner with the Richland Academy to tell this classic story through books, music, and dance.
Word Document/.doc     PDF

Experience Augmented Reality (technology, computer science)
What is Augmented Reality? Come in, find out, and experience AR with books and apps. This hands-on program will bring the inanimate to life!   Word Document/.doc     PDF

What Language Do You Speak? (foreign language, technology)
English? Spanish? ASL? How many languages do you know? We will discover the history of language, learn about different dialects, and acquire new skills!
Word Document/.doc     PDF

Picture a Story (Language arts, writing, art)
Let your imagination picture a story as we explore how pictures and words tell a story! Bring your storytelling and artistic skills to this interactive program.
Word Document/.doc     PDF

Welcome to Ohio! (history, geography, local culture)
How much do you know about the state you live in? Come in and discover the history of Ohio, its people, some famous landmarks, and lots of unique facts!   Word Document/.doc   PDF

Rock On! (science, geology)
Rocks are pretty, durable, useful, and all around you! Come in and learn what rocks are, how they are formed, where you can find them, how you can use them, and so much more.   
Word Document/.doc   PDF

Fairy Tale Olympics (literature, physical education)
It’s time to fly off to Fairy Tale Land and compete in the Fairy Tale Olympics! Join Rapunzel, the Three Little Pigs, the Golden Goose, and all your favorite fairy tale characters in feats of strength, stamina, and endurance!   Word Document/.doc   PDF

Back to Homeschool Bash (library resources)
Come explore the library while celebrating a new school year! Tour the library, meet library staff, play a game, make a craft, do a scavenger hunt and have some fun!
Word Document/.doc     PDF

Space Cadet Academy (astronomy)
Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut? Join us as we prepare to launch off and explore space! Cadets will learn about outer space, space travel, and even build a rocket.   
Word Document/.doc    PDF

Kinetic Coasters and Energy Physics (science, physics)
Don’t let the title scare you away! We will be exploring kinetic energy and simple physics while focusing on one of the most fun uses of both—roller coasters!   Word Document/.doc   PDF

A Healthy and Safe You (health, safety)
Winter is almost here! With it comes ice and snow, cold temperatures and head colds. Join us as we discover ways to stay healthy and safe in winter and all year long.
Word Document/.doc   PDF

Where Are the Dinosaurs?
The dinosaurs are gone, but where did they go? Come in and explore paleontology, prehistoric creatures, fossils, and prehistory.   Word Document/.doc   PDF

Train for the Games!
The Winter games are here! Are you ready? Come ready to train for and compete in challenges of endurance and strength at the Library Winter Games!    Word Document/.doc   PDF

So You Want to Be a Veterinarian?
Do you want to be a veterinarian when you grow up? Are you curious about caring for your furry and scaly animal friends? Come in and discover what it takes to care for animals!
Word Document/.doc   PDF

Put a Poem in Your Pocket
Come celebrate National Poetry Month with us! Explore famous poems and poets and try your hand at writing your own masterpiece. Everyone can be a poet!   Word Document/.doc   PDF

Exploring Myths & Legends
Paul Bunyan and Greek mythology, tall tales and stories galore! Join us as we explore famous myths and legends, and come up with some of our own.   Word Document/.doc   PDF














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