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Pumpkin Fingerplays

The theme this week for the fingerplays and rhymes is pumpkins.

pumpkinsFive Little Pumpkins
Five little pumpkins were sitting on the ground. (Hold up five fingers)
The first little pumpkin was short and round,
(Point to thumb)

The second little pumpkin was happy to be found. (Point to index finger)
The third little pumpkin had a curly vine,
(Point to middle finger)

The fourth little pumpkin liked sunshine.
(Point to ring finger)

The fifth little pumpkin grew so quick,
(Point to little finger)

Now all five pumpkins are ready to be picked.
(Wiggle all five fingers)

Pumpkin, Pumpkin
Sitting on the wall, (Sit on the floor)
Pumpkin, pumpkin,Tip and fall. (Fall to one side)

Pumpkin, pumpkin,
Rolling down the street, (Roll on floor)
Pumpkin, pumpkin,

There was a Pumpkin
There once was a pumpkin short and fat,
Alone in the garden, there it sat. (Point downward)
A little girl picked it from the vine,
Took it home and said, "It's mine!"
(Pretend to pick pumpkin)

She carved a face with a great big smile,
Put in a candle, and after a while,
(Pretend to put candle inside pumpkin)

It wasn't a pumpkin short and fat,
It was a jack-o'-lantern- just like that!
(Form circle with arms and smile)

Three Little Pumpkins
Three little pumpkins sitting very still
In a pumpkin patch high up on a hill.
(Hold up three fingers)
The first one said, "I'm very green,
But I'll be orange by Halloween."
(Wiggle first finger)

The second one said, "I'm on my way
To becoming a jack-o'-lantern some day." (Wiggle second finger)
The third one said, "Oh me, oh my,
Tomorrow I'll be a pumpkin pie!"
(Wiggle third finger)

I'm a Little Pumpkin
I'm a little pumpkin, look at me,
I'm round and cute as I can be. (Bend arms out at sides)
Carve a face and add a candle bright,
I'll glow and flow all through the night.
(Form circle with arms and smile)


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