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The Mansfield/Richland County Public Library has been working closely with Richland Public Health and the Ohio Department of Health and taking the precautionary steps recommended to help combat the spread of COVID-19.


Following their recommendations, all 9 locations of the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library remain closed until further notice. All due dates for currently checked-out library materials have been extended to May 30.

Now offering Curbside Service at all 9 locations! To take advantage of this service, please place your requested items on hold through our online catalog or call your local library location to request items.  Once you have received a notification that your items are available for pick-up, come to your selected location for curbside pick-up. There will be marked signs with further instructions at each location.

In preparation for this new service, we have started accepting the return of checked-out library materials to our dropboxes.  We would like to encourage the return of library materials at that time so that our library materials can be put back into circulation.  If your item does not fit in a dropbox or has a "do not place in dropbox" sticker, please wait to return the item until we begin Curbside Services. 

Quarantining Returns
Staff and customer safety is always at the forefront of our decisions, especially in the past few months. We have been listening to local and state officials and health departments in order to make the best and healthiest decisions for our library system.

One temporary change that we have implemented at all of our locations is the quarantining of materials once they have been returned to us. All materials returned to our dropboxes are quarantined for up to 5 days before they are checked back into our system. This means that they will still appear on your account online for a few days after your materials have been returned. We are keeping the quarantined materials sorted by date and we are making sure that when we check the materials back in, you will not accumulate any fines for the days that your materials were quarantined. Thank you for understanding and being patient with us as we figure out our new processes.

Scroll down for more curbside service instructions and FAQs.

Please email: if you have additional questions about overdue materials, holds, etc.

Although our locations are closed there are still lots of ways you can use the library:

Get an eCard      Digital Resources

Online Resources for Children and Teens

Upcoming Titles List: April - June 2020 


Now that we’re looking toward the future, we’re exploring how to resume services. At the forefront of that discussion is the safety of our staff and patrons.

At this time, we are not reopening to the public in early May as we had earlier hoped. However, we are working to establish guidelines for how and when we can.

When the Mansfield Richland County Public Library does reopen to our public, it will occur in phases. Those phases first include welcoming our staff safely back to our buildings and offering curbside service. Then we will examine our reopening to the public based on three conditions:

  1. All library employees will be trained to provide service safely
  2. Sanitation supplies must be sufficient to keep the library materials and facilities properly disinfected
  3. Proper procedures need to be in place to protect staff and patrons once we resume in-person services


What is Curbside Service?

Curbside service allows customers to pick up library materials that have been placed on hold. Each MRCPL location will have a designated curbside pickup location clearly marked by signage for service during the closure.

How can I pick up materials that I've placed on hold?

Beginning Monday, May 18, MRCPL will offer Curbside Service for customers at all 9 of our locations. Library staff have worked diligently to develop procedures for curbside service that follow social distancing protocols while effectively serving library customers.  Curbside service will be available Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.

How do I use the curbside service?

Two options are available to place a hold on materials: 

1. Place items on hold using the online library catalog. Identify preferred library pickup location.
2. Call your local library location and speak to our staff to request items for pickup. 

-Once your hold is placed, library staff will prepare your items for pickup.  You will receive a notification when your materials are available.
-Go to the library’s designated curbside pickup location marked by signage.
-You will need to have your library card when you arrive to pick up your items. 
-When you arrive at the library’s curbside pickup location, call the number listed on the sign for further instructions. Pickup locations for drive-up will be clearly marked and social distancing procedures will be strictly followed.
-Wait for delivery of materials. Remain in your vehicle or keep at least 6 feet away from the table until library staff has delivered your items and moved away from the pickup area. Then you may approach and pick up your library materials.

Walk-up services are also available at most of our locations. Follow the instructions on the marked sign. Please keep at least 6 feet of distance between customers until library staff has delivered your items and moved away from the pickup area. Then you may approach and pick up your library materials.

What will happen to the holds that I had ready to pick up before the closure?

We will extend the pick up deadline until May 25. You will receive a new holds notice.

Will I be able to put all library materials on hold and pick them up curbside?

At this time, not all items in our Library of Things will be available for curbside pickup. If you have questions about the Library of Things items, feel free to ask a library staff member to help clarify.

Can I get a new library card via curbside service?

Unfortunately, at this time, we will not be able to issue new MRCPL cards via curbside service. You can sign up for an eCard anytime to use for our many digital resources 


How do I return library materials?

You may now return your library materials using the exterior book drops at all 9 MRCPL locations. Any items checked out prior to our closure on March 17 have had due dates extended through May 30. We do encourage you to return any items you are finished with so that we can get them back in the system for other library patrons. While the drop boxes are preferred for most returns, we can accept a small number of returns at the curbside pickup locations. This is reserved for customers who have items that are not able or allowed to be put in the drop boxes or if you are using the curbside service to pick up your holds and have returns with you. If you have a large number of items to return we request that you place them in the drops (even if utilizing curbside services).

I have a question about my account.  Is there anyone that can help me?

Yes. If you have any questions about your account or how to access digital resources please email or call your local library location.



For the most recent local updates about COVID19, visit:

Richland Public Health

Ohio Department of Health





Is the Library still open?

No, all 9 locations of the Mansfield Richland County Public Library will remain closed until further notice. Stay tuned for more details by following us on Facebook and Instagram or checking this webpage for updated information.

What about First Call 211?

The walk-in lobby will be closed after 4 PM on Monday, March 16 but call-in hours will remain the same.

Will I lose my place in the hold line?

All hold lists will be frozen until we are reopened.  So your hold will not expire.

Can I return my materials to the library while it’s closed?

Yes, beginning Monday, May 11, we encourage you to begin returning checked out materials to our return boxes at all 9 locations.

Where do I return items marked with a "do not return to drop" sticker?

We ask that you hold on to these items until the Library opens for Curbside Pickup on Monday May 18.

Will I be fined for overdue materials? 

No, all due dates have been extended through May 30.

 Are books, CDs, and other material donations being accepted?  

No. Please hold any donations you may have until further notice.

What resources can I access online? 

We have a wealth of digital resources available for free 24/7 with a Library card. Check out this blog post to learn more. 

We also compiled a list of fun, educational, and creative resources for all ages. You can find that list here.

When will events at the Library resume?

All in-person Library programming events are currently canceled until further notice. We continue to assess the situation and look forward to once again offering in-person programming. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and this webpage as we continue to offer virtual programming. 

Can I sign up for a Library card digitally?

Yes. Just click the button below. Once completed, you’ll receive a library card number in your email which will allow you to access all of our digital resources and apps. To check out physical materials you will need to come to one of our 9 library locations and apply for a library card in person.

Get an eCard

What resources can I access online?

We have a wealth of digital resources available for free 24/7 with a library card. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Using the Library from Home

How can I get updates about the Library’s operations?  

Check back to this page or check our Facebook or Instagram page for up to date information.

 Is WiFi still available outside of the library?

We have turned our WiFi network on 24/7 while we are closed. To access the wifi from outside of our building, connect to: Secured MRCPL with the password: Carnegie1908





Still have questions? You can send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.




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