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Richland County Mental Health and Recovery Resources  

Click here for a list of counseling, treatment and therapy services for mental illness and addiction in our area (Rev. 7/01/2018).

Resource Lists

Here are our most current community resource lists:

Food Pantries (Rev. 12/11/2018)

Free Fresh Produce Distributions (Rev. 11/14/2018)

Clothing Closets & Thrift Stores (Rev. 10/15/2018)


Community Free Meal Calendars:

Tax Assistance

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First Call 211 of Richland County. Call us first!

Who We Are

First Call 211 is a free, confidential community service. Our mission is to provide useful information to the public and to connect members of our community with services that meet their needs. Assistance can range from simple issues, to much more complex issues, and our up-to-date database allows us to search through local services and match those in need to the proper agencies for help.

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First Call 211 answers calls 24 hours and 7 days a week.

How We Help

First Call 211 staff are trained and nationally certified to guide callers though the complex human services network. Sometimes situations can seem so overwhelming that it can be hard to see a solution. First Call 211 staff members can help a caller by directing him or her to agencies in the area that could help with the particular need, while also examining resources the caller might already have.

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First Call 211 exists to help all members of the community find resources to assist their needs.

So what is 211?

First Call 211 is an information and referral service that exists to direct those in need to assistance in the community. 2-1-1 is a direct digit dialing to the information and referral services. Much like how 9-1-1 is a three digit dialing that focuses on emergency services; First Call 211 focuses on non-emergency community information.

Some telephone service providers may not support three digit dialing, but First Call 211 can be reached at this alternate number: 419.522.4636.

If the call is an emergency please call:

         Mental Health/Emotional Crisis: 419.522.4357

         Fire/Police/Rescue Squad: 9-1-1



What kind of information can I receive from First Call 211?

  • Food Pantries and Community Meals

  • Housing/Shelters

  • Financial Assistance Information

  • Utility Assistance

  • Transportation Options

  • State and Local Government Offices

  • Consumer Protection/Consumer Education

  • Seasonal Assistance

  • Abuse Reporting

  • Food/Nutrition Programs

  • Immunizations/Health Care and Screenings

Contacting Us

By Phone (2-1-1)

Alternate Line: 419.522.4636

Toll Free: 877.795.2111

First Call is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by telephone. A staff member will assist the caller throughout the call to define the nature of the inquiry, and explore solutions together. To best assist the caller, the staff member may ask questions (such as age, zip code, and status of others in the household) to help determine eligibility and direct him or her to the services that best meet his or her needs. ALL information shared during a call is confidential.

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First Call 211 is a collaborative partnership between the Mansfield Richland County Public Library and Richland County Job and Family Services.

In Person

First Call 211 of Richland County has walk-in services available from 9:00am- 4:00pm Monday through Friday at our office. We are located at 36 West Third Street Mansfield, OH 44902. Just across the street from the Main Library Building.

































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