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Relax… It’s Just Art

Is art a big part of your life?  It’s been a big part of mine. I have always craved art in my life ever since I remember – I was the one finger painting in Kindergarten instead of going out to recess.  In middle school, I made potholders and gave them out as Christmas gifts.  While in college I participated in a Lego building competition at the Cincinnati Zoo.  In fact, many of our family vacations include(d) art museums or some type of artsy activity.

Vincent Van Gogh’s, The Starry Night

My favorite destination has been the Museum of Modern Art in NYC just a few years ago where I saw Van Gogh’s, The Starry Night. But I also have visited the Hirshhorn, SFMOMA, (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), the Mazza, and various art museums in Cleveland, Columbus, & Cincinnati. (And I would be hard pressed not to feature our local gem here as well, the Mansfield Art Center!)  In our treks across the United States,  I fell in love with architecture.  Traveling to large cities and checking out unique buildings and churches is my thing.  I also am drawn to Art Deco and adore Prairie style architecture like nobody’s business, having seen many of Frank Llyod Wright’s buildings in person.

My current passion is diamond painting.  It is so satisfying to beautify an image into a sparkly masterpiece.  My job as a Teen Librarian fuels my passion for art, since I am constantly scouring the internet for unique programs for our Teens, and lucky me, I need to try out each idea to see how it would work!  I like being able to pick up a paintbrush or some clay or grab yarn and create a mini masterpiece.  Art relaxes me, whether I’m doing it or viewing it.  My troubles melt away as I try to imagine how the piece will look when finished.  I fall into a zen state when I watch the wind rustle tree leaves, revealing an explosion of various shades of green. 

Apparently this is no small coincidence.  In Aaron Warnick’s article, “Exploring Your Artistic Side is Good for Health,” found in our MRCPL database collection, he explains the many beneficial ways that art can positively impact your life.  Creating art, in any form, can help boost cognitive health, relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and reduce your risk of depression, dementia, and premature death. 

Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have become popular as of late since they offer complex patterns and intricate detail to get your brain engaged while simultaneously increasing feelings of relaxation. offers a treasure trove of adult coloring pages such as Mandalas, Zentangle, Sugar Skulls, Anime & Manga and more.  They offer over 50 thousand designs sitewide and they are all free to print, so unleash your inner artist!

Art Appreciation

Warnick also shares that, “Appreciating art is also good for your health.”  On that note, I have  just the event to satisfy your art craving.  Currently, there is an amazing photography exhibit in the 2nd floor lobby at the Main Library downtown by artist Adrien Boom called,  A Colorful Dream.  These stunning photos feature a whimsical, monochromatic flair.  Read more about this exhibit here.  But the photos are so much more impactful in person; it runs through October 9th, so take a few minutes, pop in and check it out!


For a more hands-on activity, join us to learn to paint this spooky fall scene at one of our TeenPaint! sessions.  Our first session was last Saturday; it was a full house and a huge success, led by Rochelle Brown, local artist.

But – never fear: TeenPaint! is at the following MRCPL locations in the near future.  Create a masterpiece at these locations:

  • Saturday, October 9th @ Bellville branch 1:00pm
  • Wednesday, October 20th @ Madison branch 2:30pm
  • Saturday, November 6th @ Ontario branch 3:00pm

All supplies are provided but space is limited, so first come, first served. 

Also be on the lookout for the results of the Monsters Among Us teen art contest.  The talented teen winners will have their creation printed on a T-shirt!


And of course, you can also check out these books at the library – click on each cover to learn more.


Or, if you just want to read books which feature artists as main or supporting characters, click below.



As I sit here typing in my Starry Night mask, I realize we are surrounded by a myriad of art in our everyday life.  I see beauty in the symmetry of a manhole cover, a dazzling sunset, or the haphazard way the light reflects off a picturesque lake.  No matter if you like reading about art, appreciating art, or creating it, different types of art appeals to different people for different reasons.  For some, art is a creative outlet.  For others, art is a business.  Then there are those who are passionately using art to beautify their community.  For me, nothing beats a stress free evening paint night with friends.  Go out and find the art that soothes your soul.











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