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No matter how you define home that fact is we have spent more time inside our homes in recent years. Maybe you are looking around your space and realizing it’s time for a refresh. Maybe your space needs organized to serve you better, or your decor has become dated, or maybe your kitchen table has pulled too many double duty shifts as a homework help center/work desk/craft station/family feeding trough. No matter your reason, refreshing your home takes some inspiration.


Color has the ability to evoke a range of emotions and can impact everything from your heart rate to blood pressure and breathing. Designers often suggest relaxing colors for home interiors. Almost all the major paint companies have named a sage green their color of the year. Sage green is often associated with healing, tranquility, hope, stability, optimism, harmony and regrowth. It is unsurprising so many people are incorporating this calming color into their homes in recent years.

Other popular interior colors are soft neutrals with muted earth tones that create a sense of comfort and calmness. We recently wrote about the hygge design trend that is all about the art of being cozy. Wall color helps set the scene for the rest of your cozy home decor.

Get Some Inspiration and Know-how

Sometime we just need a little inspiration to get us started on a project. Check out these newer books:

  • Smart Approach to Home Decorating: Decorate Every Room in Your Home with Confidence and Flair by Colleen Dorsey
    An updated edition of the perennial favorite, Smart Approach to Home Decorating is an aspirational guide to interior design and everything a homeowner needs to know to decorate a house with professional results. Topics range from the basic principles of design, space planning, layout, and arrangement to choosing furniture, colors, patterns, and fabrics.
  • Rental Style: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating your Apartment or Small Home by Chelsey Brown
    The Must-Have Guide for Renters. Shows readers how to decorate and organize small, rented spaces on a budget. The book will cover all home development stages from searching for a rental home to decorating and organizing it. Many people are reluctant to design their spaces due to renter restrictions, which leaves homes bland and boring. Rental Style will erase that unease and demonstrate how you can turn a rented space into a home using temporary, creative tricks that won’t drive landlords crazy.  The budget and time-friendly tools, tips, and advice in this book will give readers the ability to stand out among the rest and revamp their rental spaces!
  • Made for Living: Collected Interiors for all Sorts of Style by Amber Lewis
    Designing a room with all the vibes comes down to how you layer your décor. The more you can mix the elements of your room–your pillows, objects, patterns, and lighting–the more finished it’ll feel: not too new, not too old, but just right. Known for her eclectic approach that stems from her California cool, Amber Lewis trains your eye in Made for Living, offering friendly advice on everything from nailing that perfect shade of paint to mismatching patterns with wild abandon to choosing a stone finish for new countertops. These pages will help you design a home that’s made to be lived in.
  • Style, Comfort, Home: How to Find your Style and Decorate for Happiness and Ease by Andrew Howard
    I think there has to be another way, a middle ground between DIY and high design. There are things they can do right now to improve how you live, from placing the furniture in a way that is conducive to good conversation, to choosing the best paint colors, to finding art and accessories that make a house feel more like a home. These are all things that don’t have to cost a lot of money but can drastically change a space.
  • The Principles of Pretty Rooms by Phoebe Howard
    The design world’s favorite Mrs. Howard is back, with tried and true décor “rules” and classic strategies for creating pretty, charming, and timeless interiors. Celebrating warm, welcoming style, each chapter explores the color palettes, fabrics, and special little grace notes that make a room pretty. As always, Mrs. Howard delivers a range of inspiring examples, from pretty rooms in townhouses, beach houses, and country escapes to pretty-meets-grand-style in estates and manors. She also presents how-to-get-the-look advice, including favorite color combinations, fabric patterns, furnishings, and accessories that instantly transform a space.
  • Arriving Home: A Gracious Southern Welcome by James T. Farmer
    Traditional style stands the test of time. Classic tastes melded with fresh approaches for how we live and love in homes. In these homes across the Atlantic side of the country, high style and relaxed comfort are displayed hand in hand. Discover antiques mixed with new upholstery, collections and art displayed against pattern and textured wall coverings, and layers of jute, sisal, and wood grounding the floors while doses of intentional color keep the rooms personable.
  • The Beauty of Home: Redefining Traditional Interiors by Marie Flanigan
     Magic doesn’t necessarily follow a formula, but perhaps it does have a framework. Marie Flanigan’s interiors are timeless and soulful — immediately recognizable, yet also reflective of her clients’ individual stories. Dive deeper into the nine elements that define her work, including architecture, illumination, composition, and surprise. Peek behind the curtain as Marie reveals her creative process and the essential elements for curating her signature blend of approachable elegance. Uniting poetry with purpose, this book uncovers the true beauty of home.
  • Minimalista: Your Step-by-step Guide to A Better Home, Wardrobe, and Life by Shira Gill
    Elevate your personal style, trim your belongings, and transform your life, one room at a time, with this visionary lifestyle and home organization book from professional organizing expert, Shira Gill.
  • Decorating with Plants by Baylor Chapman
    Here is everything you need to know to greenify and beautify your home. Beginning with the basics of choosing and caring for your plants, you’ll find guides for plant care, style tips, and special facts about plants, like which ones act as natural room perfume and what kinds are best for certain spaces and effects.
  • Clean Mama’s Guide to A Peaceful Home: Effortless Systems and Joyful Rituals for A Calm, Cozy Home by Becky Rapinchuk
    Becky Rapinchuk has taught people how to simplify their cleaning routine for years, with a simple 10-minute daily system that works. Now she reveals a game-changing method of freeing up mental and physical space to help us find joy and make our home-keeping routine effortless. By pairing up systems–how we get things done so that they become automatic–with rituals–tasks that bring calm and happiness–we can feel more at peace in our homes.
  • The Home Edit Life: The No-Guilt Guide to Owning What You Want and Organizing Everything by Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin
    In the next phase of the home organizing craze, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin go beyond the pantry and bookshelf to show you how to contain the chaos in all aspects of your life, from office space and holiday storage to luggage and pet supplies. Get to know your organizing style, tailor it to your family’s lifestyle, and lead the low-guilt life as you apply more genius ideas to every aspect of your life. Clea and Joanna are here to remind you that “it’s okay to own things” in the quest for pretty and smart spaces. With The Home Edit Life, you’ll soon be corralling phone cords, archiving old photos, arranging your phone apps by color, and packing your suitcase like a pro.
  • Welcome Home: A Cozy Minimalist Guide to Decorating and Hosting All Year Round by Myquillyn Smith
    No matter what the world says, embracing the seasons does not require bins of factory-made décor or loads of time. In fact, it’s possible to decorate for each season without frustration, going overboard, or blowing your budget. With engaging how-tos and inspiring photos, she guides you step by step through purposeful design decisions to cultivate a space where loved ones gather, meaningful connections are celebrated, and lasting memories are made.


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