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Ohio Roadside Attractions

Nothing makes me hit the brakes or cross over multiple lanes of traffic than to see a roadside attraction. These attractions are often thought of as places to stop as you’re traveling, but I have often made roadside attractions my destination. Ohio is full of some fun and quirky attractions. Here are some that I have visited:

Handless Jacques lives in Marblehead, but he got his start in Mansfield. He was built in Indiana for around $10,000 and stood in front of Jacque’s Restaurant at 118 Lexington Avenue in the early 1970s.


The largest office stamp resides in Cleveland. It was designed by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen and weighs 70,000 pounds The Free Stamp was dedicated in Willard Park on November 15, 1991.

Judy’s Crawling Hand lives outside the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art. Tony Tasset created the sculpture of his wife’s hand and it acts as a public shelter.


Field of Corn consists of 109 ears of concrete corn located in Frantz Park in Dublin. It was created by Malcolm Cochran, a former Ohio State University art professor.

Chief Leatherlips also resides in Dublin. The Wyandot Chief sculpture was designed by artist Ralph Helmick. Leatherlips stands 12 feet high and was installed in Scioto Park in 1990.

Umbrella Alley is a recent attraction located in Louisville, Ohio. Close to 200 umbrellas are suspended across the alley. Musicians and artists are often featured in this area.

The Legends of Music Barn is nestled in the heart of Amish country. On a road outside of Millersburg you will find this showstopper that was painted by Ruston Baker.  The murals of this self-taught artist can be seen throughout Ohio and even Europe.

The world’s largest cuckoo clock can be found in Sugarcreek. It stands over 23 feet tall and 24 feet wide and was featured on the cover of the Guinness Book of World Records in 1977. On the half hour, a polka band emerges to play while a pair of Swiss dancers come to life.

Ohio roadside attractions could not be complete without mentioning the Longaberger basket that sits outside of Newark. Dave Longaberger had a vision to create his headquarters to look like a huge basket. The building was completed in 1997  and cost $30 million to build. The Longaberger basket craze lost popularity and the building was sold in 2017 in hopes of making it into a luxury hotel.

Summer is still in full swing so I’ll be out looking for more Ohio roadside attractions. The library has some books to help guide you in finding fun and quirky spots throughout the Buckeye state.



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