Movie and Music Reviews

Sherlock Gnomes

By Terri - AV   |  June 29, 2018

From the opening titles Sherlock Gnomes is lighthearted fun.

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The Hurricane Heist

By Kaylin - AV   |  June 22, 2018

If you want an action/disaster film featuring awkward humor, subpar special effects and zero a-list actors, then the movie Hurricane Heist just might be the film for you.

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Game Night

By Melinda - AV   |  June 15, 2018

Game Night is a mystery/crime film with a hint of comedy.

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Early Man

By Darla - AV   |  June 1, 2018

In the claymation film Early Man, a tribe of cave men are kicked out of their valley home by the Bronze Age bully Lord Nooth.

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