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Beth-Crestview Branch Mgr. February 12, 2021

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

No, not Christmas, it’s paczki season! Those rich, golden, sugar-dusted and fruit-filled balls of goodness are in stores now, leading up to the ultimate, mother of all paczki-eating days, Fat Tuesday on February 16!

I have heard some people dismiss paczki as “just another jelly donut”. Those poor, misguided souls are missing out. Paczki recipes are heavy on eggs, butter, milk, and sugar. A properly made paczki dough is similar to brioche, flaky and tender with a yellow hue. Paczki is also generous on the filling, with many options such as creams, custards, and fruit jams to choose from.

So why, if paczki is so amazing, aren’t they available all year? Historically speaking, in the days leading up to Lent, Catholic Poles would clear their shelves of all sugar, butter, lard, etc. in order to avoid indulgence during the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter. The result of clearing the shelves? Golden, sweet, buttery delight.

Go and seek out and consume all the paczki you can find between now and the beginning of Lent because, like Christmas, paczki are only here for a limited time! 

If you’d like to learn how to make your own paczki check out our A to Z Food database! It’s full of recipes from around the globe...including paczki

If you’d like to learn more about the country that created such a divine treat, head to the non-fiction section, call number 943.8. There are also travel guides and cookbooks available in other sections. 

Cieszyć się! (Enjoy!)

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