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Resolution Redux

Megan-Reference January 14, 2021

Is This the Year?


   Ahhh, a new year.  It’s that time again, the time of year where we all promise to shed those pounds, be more active and finally organize that closet! New year, new you.  After the last year we have all had, everyone is eagerly looking to the future hoping for better things to come, while being cautious to not poke the bear. 

   Statistically speaking, less than 10% of New Year’s Resolutions are successful. (Incidentally, 55% of them involve weight loss…)  Want to be part of that under 10%? Here are some helpful suggestions from Dr. Marcelo Campos, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School. 

  1. Think about why you want to make this resolution.
  2. Does it have a measurable goal?
  3. What’s your plan?
  4. Who can support you on your path?
  5. How will you celebrate your victories?

Now that you have this plan in mind, the library also wants to help you on your way! 

What do you want to do this year? MRCPL is here for you.

   Is there a new hobby or craft you’ve always wanted to learn? Boy do we have a database for you! Curious about candle making? Wondering about weaving? Avidly interested in avian life? Check out our Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center to learn about all these topics and more!

   Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Is 2021 the year you’ll finally buckle down and become fluent in Spanish? (Because, let’s be honest, you slept your way through that class in high school, didn’t you?  Maybe it was French, or Italian, but you were really paying more attention to that cute guy or girl that sat a couple of rows in front of you and eating your way through food day.) But we’ve got you covered! Take a look at these databases: Mango Languages and Transparent Languages, or for the littles, Little Pim.  There’s also DuoLingo, where the owl will keep you straight - it’s not a library database, but is a free resource and very helpful for language learning. 

   Is this the year you’re finally going to save money by fixing it yourself? We have JUST the ticket! Whether it’s a tractor, snowblower, lawnmower or a motorcycle, the Small Engine Repair Reference Center can help you out. Brought to you by our trusty friends at OPLIN (that’s the Ohio Public Library Information Network for those of you not hip to our jive), this database has tons of manuals and helpful information on everything from boats to generators and everything in between. 

   Now that you’ve conquered small engines, it’s time to move up to the big boys....or girls, as the case may be. We have a couple of databases that can get your ride up and running in no time flat. These resources cover vehicles both new and classic, some dating back as far as 1901! Check out the Chilton Online Auto Repair Manuals remotely or Mitchell 1 ProDemand if you’re in the library (even if you aren’t, give us a call…we may be able to help you with a printout if we can find what you need assistance with). 

   Maybe genealogy is your bag. Going to track down that tricky fork in your family tree? The library has resources for you, too! These databases can help you out: and  Fold3. Need to research your house? Check this out: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps .

   Want to find that person you regret cutting out of your old yearbook? We've got you. Check out our digitized Mansfield High School Yearbooks. Our local history librarian, Jayson, has been working away and has finished from 1907-1967. Take a look here:

   If we haven’t covered your resolution fear not, there are plenty of other databases that cover topics from travel to test prep that are at your fingertips! Most are available to you without ever leaving your home. If you don’t have a library card, apply for an e-card here: /services/front-desk/get-a-digital-services-ecard and you can start using these services right away! 

   No matter how you start your new year, we hope you include the library in your plans, and we hope to see you soon!

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