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January is National Hobby Month!

Thinking about trying something new this year? Perhaps you’re interested in learning how to knit, or windsurf, how to cook vegan or decorate cakes like the pros on TV? We’ve got you covered at the library! Our collection is full of books, DVD’s and videos to help you make the most of your new passion. Following is a brief list of general Dewey numbers to look for in our non-fiction collection if you’re interested in checking out a new hobby or activity:

Crafts: 745
Needlework: 746
Cooking: 641
Fitness/Nutrition: 613
Sports: 796
Gardening: 635
Woodworking: 684
Photography: 770
Languages: 400’s

We also have a fantastic collection of online databases available, where you can read more about your hobby or explore sites that will help you achieve your goal. Here is a link to our databases by topic:


 Not sure what hobby you want to try? Check out these links for some new and exciting possibilities!

Hobbies for Men   Best Hobbies for Women   Hobbies for Everyone   Low-Cost Hobbies





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