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Story Time Starter: Pets

Try this fun story time about Pets!
Read:    What Pet Should I Get?  By Dr Seuss

Sing:      Tiny Tim
              I had a little turtle
              His name was Tiny Tim
              I put him in the bathtub
             To see if he could swim
             He drank up all the water
             He ate up all the soap
             Now he’s home, sick in bed
             With bubbles in his throat
             Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, pop
                      Bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble POP! 
Sing:    When Pets Wake Up in the Morning (tune: For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow)
            When dog wakes up in the morning
            When dog wakes up in the morning
            When dog wakes up in the morning
            he always says “Bow-wow!”
                    cat..she always says “Meow!”
                    mouse...he always says “Squeak-squeak!”
                    fish..she always says “Glub-glub!”
                    turtle...he always go back to sleep...ZZZZ!
Shape Puppy
Coffee Filter Cat Craft
Paper Plate Goldfish Craft
Pet Color Pages

Other great books about PETS:
Some Pets by Angela DiTerlizzi
Bark George by Jules Feiffer
What Pet to Get? by Emma Dodd
Pet Wash by Dayle Ann Dodds

Early Literacy Tip:  
Our book today is a great one to prompt conversation and imagination.  Talking together is an important part of building early literacy skills.  Ask your child open-ended questions (ones that cannot be answered with yes/no) Ask your child what kind of pet would they get?  What pet do you think the kids in the book decided to get?  What do you need to do to take care of a pet? Get creative and have fun with it!

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