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Story Time Starter: Arctic Animals

Caroline - Childrens December 28, 2020 0 comments

Today's story time starter is all about polar bears and penguins--and other animals that live at the poles, both North and South. Arctic animals live in harsh and extreme climates and often feature survival adaptations such as camouflage and thick layers of fat or fur. Though they don't live in the same part of the world, polar bears and penguins have many similarities that help them withstand severe cold temperatures. Read on for more books, rhymes, songs, and crafts about polar animals!

Starting with Polar Opposites by Erik Brooks, learn about the different parts of the world polar bears and penguins inhabit and where they could go to meet. Another book showing the different poles is Poles Apart by Jeanne Willis. Polar bear and penguins find out they can be friends even though they don't live in the same part of the world. Some great nonfiction books include Polar Adaptations by Lisa J. Amstutz and Animal Babies: In Polar Lands by Jennifer Schofield.

Books about the Arctic (North Pole) include Way Up in the Arctic by Jennifer Ward and The Walrus and the Caribou by Maike Harper. Books about the Antarctic (South Pole) include Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole by Stan Berenstain and Sophie Scott Goes South by Alison Lester. Whichever books you choose, you'll have some great reads for story time!

A simple flannel rhyme featuring Marco the Polar Bear is as follows:

Marco the polar bear
As white as the snow
Sat on the ice where the cold waters flow
Lunch! I need lunch he said
I’ll make a wish
He stuck in his paw and came up with a fish!
What color is it?

Repeat numerous times using different colors of fish. 

A traditional rhyme ("Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear") with new words is the basis for the next one:

Caribou & Walrus

Caribou, caribou turn around,
Caribou, caribou touch the ground,
Caribou, caribou bend down low,
Caribou, caribou touch your toe.

Walrus, walrus slide on the ice,
Walrus, walrus spin around twice,
Walrus, walrus reach up high,
Walrus, walrus wave goodbye.

Repeat as many times as you'd like. This is a good movement activity to allow children to move and stretch between stories.

Songs about polar bears and penguins are abundant, but these are our favorite ones:

There are also many crafts, but we loved this walrus paper bag puppet.

Enjoy your Arctic and Antarctic animals story time! And stay warm!

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