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The Holiday We've All Been Waiting For

Laura--Teen December 10, 2020

The Holiday We've All Been Waiting For


Ahh, the holiday season!  Time for blinking lights, decorated shrubberies, and that special day we spend all year waiting for.  I am sure you know the holiday I am speaking of, so I’ll go ahead and say it.


That’s right folks!  December 30th is National Bacon Day.  Whether it’s turkey bacon, macon bacon (made from mutton), facon bacon (made from vegetables), or good old-fashioned smoked pork belly bacon, there is a bacon out there for everyone.

Wait a minute…  A shoulder-surfing work friend is currently explaining to me that National Bacon Day is not the holiday everyone waits all year for…  (me listening) Uh-huh… (me listening) Uh-huh… (more listening) Uh-huh…  Well, this is a bit embarrassing…  But, you know what?  I stand by the title of this blogpost.  National Bacon Day is the holiday we’ve all been waiting for.  Just let me plead my case, okay?

Let me tell you all some very interesting things about bacon:  

The word bacon goes back to an old high German word that used to mean butt.  In old French, “bacun” meant “meat from the back.”  Personally, I find that hilarious, and I hope you do too.


Bacon is a delectable delicacy that dates all the way back to ancient times.  It was brought to us by those wizards of culinary delights, the ones who introduced the world to the wonders of ketchup, pasta, and ice cream.  I’m talking of course about the good people of China.  They salted pork bellies as a way to preserve the meat for later.

Another fun fact is that you can buy bacon scented cologne!  It comes in two versions: bacōn Gold, which is described as having a lighter bacon smell complimented by some notes of citrus fruits, and bacōn Classic, which has a slightly bolder bacon smell with a hint of spicy maple goodness.  You can buy some by clicking here.

Bacon was used to make bombs in World War II.  If you’ve ever watched or read Fight Club, then you know that fat contains glycerin, which can be used to make both soap and explosives.  There was a group called The American Fat Salvage Committee, which was put together by the government to get housewives to donate their excess cooking oil and grease from meats - such as bacon - to make bombs for the army. Disney made a propaganda cartoon about donating bacon grease starring Minnie Mouse and Pluto the dog, which you can watch on YouTube by clicking here.  It basically says that eating bacon is our patriotic duty as Americans!

My last fact is one that ties directly to the library.  Did you know that bacon is one of the most common food objects found crammed inside a library book to make an unconventional book mark?  (Please never do this!)  What a waste of a perfectly good slice of bacon!  You can buy a proper bacon bookmark on Amazon for only $2.95 or a slightly more realistic one for $16.00, but if you accidentally leave either one of those in your library books, it’s finders keepers!

See?  Bacon is now and has been in the past something that unites everyone in this great country of ours, maybe even the world.*  As I said before, bacon is for everyone.  Bacon doesn’t care who you are, what your gender is, which religion you may or may not follow, or where your ancestors came from.  It just makes people happy.

So, don’t forget that December 30th is National Bacon Day.  Pick up the slab of the bacon that best suits your needs and go celebrate!

And maybe try this recipe for candied bacon.  Happy Holidays everyone!  And a Glorious Bacon Day to all!

*International Bacon Day is celebrated on September the 4th.  That means bacon is so awesome that it has 2 holidays!


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