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Paper Mario: The Origami King - Video Game Review

Allison - AV September 10, 2020

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     Paper Mario: The Origami King (on Nintendo Switch) is my first foray into the Paper Mario series, which
began in 2001 on the Nintendo 64 and is now on its 6 th game. The Origami King is a turn-based RPG in
which Mario must prevent the Mushroom Kingdom (and all of its inhabitants) from being turned into
origami. In order to do so, Mario must free Princess Peach’s castle from five colored streamers which
begin in five separate areas of the Kingdom. While I enjoyed the adventure and puzzle aspects of the
game, I found myself increasingly frustrated with the turn-based combat: Each battle first required a
puzzle to be solved and then required the player to choose the weapon that would best defeat that
battle’s enemies. Though these two tasks seem easy enough to do, every puzzle had both a set number
of movements and a countdown timer, and the weapons would periodically break, which meant you
never knew if you would actually have the one that you needed. I also found myself frustrated with the
amount of text in the game or, more specifically, the fact that you weren’t able to get the writing to
appear any faster unless you had already seen the same text before. Despite these grumblings, I did
rather enjoy the overall storyline, exploring the various worlds, and looking for all the hidden Toads,
Not-Bottomless Holes, Collectible Treasures, and ? Blocks. Perhaps not made for those that love First-
person Shooters or tactical RPGs, Paper Mario: The Origami King will appeal to those individuals looking
for a light-hearted storyline, colorful graphics, and puzzles that are challenging, but not too hard.

Overall Rating: B

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