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Book Review: Night Animals

August 24, 2020 0 comments

Night Animals by Gianna Marino
By Miss Adena at Lexington Branch

The sun goes down. It’s pitch black. Now imagine being outside and hearing… something. What was that sound? A raccoon? An owl? There are so many different creatures of the night that could be lurking in the dark.

At the beginning of Night Animals, by Gianna Marino, we see a possum that is behind a tree. Skunk walks up and Possum says, “Shhhhhh!! I’m hiding!” But what could the possum possibly be hiding from?

The answer: night animals. Throughout this story, the various characters (like a wolf and a bear) keep hearing scary noises and getting followed in the dark of night. Until Bat comes along and helps relieve their fears:

            What are you so scared of?
We’re scared of night animals!
But you ARE night animals.

The next thing we see is a tent in the woods. Uh-oh! Who or what do you think is inside of it? We find out that there are two people in the tent who are hearing noises (from the animals) outside of their campsite. The people turn on their flashlight to see what’s creeping around, leaving the night animals stuck in their tracks. Scared, everyone runs away!

In April 2019, I did an evening program called Library Camp Out and decided to read Night Animals by Gianna Marino for it. Until I was preparing for that program, I hadn’t seen or heard of this book but am so glad I ran across it! Not only is it a funny story, but I love Marino’s illustrations. If you’re interested, there is also a second book that features these critters: Night Animals Need Sleep Too!

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