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Dolittle - Movie Review

Kaylin - AV August 21, 2020

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   The beginning twenty minutes of Dolittle gives you hope for a cute, entertaining adaption of a beloved story of a doctor that can talk to animals. However, these hopes are very swiftly shattered. Dolittle, starring Robert Downey JR. and featuring the voice talents of those such as Tom Holland, Octavia Spencer and Rami Malek, is a cluster of bad writing, sub-par CGI and - though it pains me to say - bad acting. The film focuses on Dr. Dolittle, who, thrown into a severe depression at the loss of his wife, is spurred by a young retainer of the Queen of England as well as an urchin boy seeking adventure to go on a quest with his animal friends to save a poisoned queen. The only way to save the queen is with a mysterious flower thought to be a myth, locked away on a hidden island, whose whereabouts is only recorded in a journal that belonged to Dolittle's late wife. The journal is kept under guard in the form of lions and tigers by Dolittle’s estranged, murderous father-in-law, played by Antonio Banderas, who despises Dolittle. Using his power as a king, he will do anything to keep Dolittle from obtaining the journal that is the only piece of his daughter he has left. With Hollywood bigshots like Downey and Banderas it’s hard to imagine that the film would suffer from bad acting. Yet the story and script had clearly been a struggle for even these two to save. The film fails to impress with humor as soon as the quest starts and by the end viewers will be staring and questioning what on earth it was they just watched. It’s an hour and a half of my life I can never get back. 

Overall rating: D-

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