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Creepshow Season One - TV Show Review

Steven - AV July 17, 2020

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Every channel and streaming service seems to have its own semi- recognizable anthology these
days, so the revival of Creepshow should come as no surprise. The original film told five stories
using bright colors and high-contrast lighting to evoke old horror comics, fully embracing a
heightened, cheesy tone that amplified the gooey effects and shouted monologues. The TV
version takes a similar approach, though rather than only adapting Stephen King stories, it
branches out to other writers like Joe R. Lansdale, Josh Malerman, and Joe Hill. With two
stories per episode, the show is briskly paced, sidestepping the usual inconsistency problem of
TV anthologies where so many new concepts float around that quality control suffers and a few
end up as duds. Though Creepshow certainly has its own duds, the sheer variety keeps things
moving. Even the stories that don’t work are at least a pleasure to look at, often packaged with
fake pages and made-up ads within the theoretical Creepshow comic. But the brevity of the
segments also leaves little room to breathe; as much as the scares and special effects are
delivered with notable efficiency, the things that might take more time—atmosphere, character
development—come up short, leaving some of the stories to feel simply unpleasant or confusing
(which, admittedly, can be true to the E.C. Comics that inspired it). As an assembly line for
knowingly cheesy horror, the show is passable enough. But it’s hard not to sense the remove, the
artificiality, the lack of dimension in the slapdash storytelling quality; after all, nothing truly
great came off an assembly line.

Overall Rating: B-

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