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Spies in Disguise - Movie Review

Kaylin - AV May 22, 2020

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Spies in Disguise is a delightfully unique animated family film that is perfect for movie night! When I first watched the trailer for this film, I had my reservations: A movie about a spy that turns into a pigeon? I was sure it would be utterly ridiculous and lackluster, but my love of Will Smith and Tom Holland meant I just had to watch it. To my absolute surprise, I loved it! The film is the perfect mix of James Bondness (toned down for children, of course) and complete weirdness that it just works in creating a fun film to watch.

 The film has serious elements when it counts, while also ensuring that there is humor throughout appropriate for all age groups. Watching Lance Sterling (Will Smith), a no nonsense full-of-himself spy who is at the top of his game, learn a thing or two from the wacky, gentle-hearted outsider genius Walter Beckett (Tom Holland), is certainly a fun adventure. With Beckett’s guidance, Sterling learns that violence is not always the answer, and that there is no shame in relying on your friends. 

Overall Rating: A

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