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Good Mythical Morning- Youtube Show Review

Kaylin - AV May 15, 2020

Watch it here! 

During this time of quarantine, I decided to take a look at some of the popular YouTube channels for something new to watch and discovered Rhett and Link’s Good Mythical Morning. The two YouTubers have been making the show for the last eight years, time that pales in comparison to the two hosts' 30 -year-long friendship. It’s this friendship that makes the show such a joy to watch as the two eat crazy food that can be both stomach turning and delicious looking, play insane games, and perform wacky experiments for viewers’ entertainment all the while just being unashamedly themselves. The comedy is natural and unscripted as two middle aged men act like children and have a great time doing their jobs. 

The show tends to run 15 minutes per episode on average, with a second 15 minute segment to complement each video on their sister channel, Good Mythical More. The show has also inspired the two hosts to create a vlogging channel that focuses on the two getting into trouble around LA with just them and no crew, simply dubbed The Rhett and Link Channel. Another channel born from Mythical Morning's success focuses on cooking and is hosted by the show’s professional chef, dubbed Mythical Chef Josh. Mythical Chef Josh shows viewers how to make some of the show's favorite dishes in addition to some crazy ones (such as a tarantula cookie, containing real tarantulas!) on the show’s sister channel Mythical Kitchen

This show has become a daily staple for me to watch as TV has grown more and more repetitive and lackluster, while this show never fails to make me laugh at the hosts’ antics. The inclusion of their crew into the show and how the whole set seems like an overgrown family having fun makes it a pleasure to watch. 

Overall rating: A+

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