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From Bored to Floored

Laura May 12, 2020

From Bored to Floored!

(actual results may vary)

You think you’re bored?  Really?  I got so bored that I paced neurotically in circles for about an hour.  I got so bored that I made the cats play pattycake - multiple times. I got so bored that I set up an obstacle course for my robot vacuum.  My BFF got so bored that he began following Dr. Pimple Popper on Instagram.  In fact, he got so bored that he proclaimed that he had finally reached “THE END OF THE INTERNET!”

That very statement felt like a dare of sorts, “THE END OF THE INTERNET!”  Puh-lease!!!  The internet is almost as infinite as the number of parallel universes.  So, I called my bestie a quitter and took up the challenge to find fun stuff to do online and also online stuff that can lead to physically doing things.  Here’s my some of my favorites:

1. Japanese Commercials - Do you enjoy bright pastel colors, choreographed dance numbers, and people wearing awkward mascot costumes?  Those are just 3 of the key ingredients to a great Japanese commercial.  And if you do not speak Japanese, the confusion just adds to the fun!  On YouTube, Japan Thing provides a playlist of 84 segments of Japanese commercials in 10 minute increments.  Be warned, they are highly addictive!  I once wasted an entire day just watching these commercials.

2. QuaRENtine Creations - And speaking of YouTube, did you know that our own Renaissance Theatre was posting musical performances featuring local artists every week?  It’s definitely worth a watch.


3. Kitten War - Two kittens enter, only one can win.  This just would not be a blogpost of mine if cats didn’t show up in it somewhere.  Anyway, you will be presented with two adorable kittens, and then you click on the kitten that you find to be cuter.  If you can’t decide, simply refresh the page and two different kittens will appear.  Yeah, the web design is a little dated, but it is an easy way to pass some time and find your zen. 

 4. Richland County Restaurants Open for Take-out & Delivery - Hungry, but don’t feel like cooking?  Clueless as to which area eateries are still open?  Well, Destination Mansfield has done all the running around for you.  It lists the open restaurants by city and then gives you the phone number to place your order.  It also tells if they are taking orders online and which app they have partnered with.  Some of them even allow you to order via text message.  How cool is that?

5. Making Trails - If you are going stir crazy like me, you must stretch your legs or at least escape the confines of your house once in a while.  Our area is full of biking trails, hiking trails, and driving trails.  I’m no athlete myself, but I can only couch surf for so long until my gluteus maximus starts to hurt.  Let’s go already!

6. Get *Zazzy* Face Masks - If you haven’t already explored the wonders of Zazzle by now, then I don’t know what to say.  They are a site for custom ordering clothing, mugs, postcards, stickers, and more.  Zazzle is now offering face masks, and like all of their items, you can design your own or choose from some prints designed by other people.  My personal favorites are: a medieval knight face plate, a man’s beard, a Hannibal face mask, a monogrammed purple sparkle face mask, and author Jenny Lawson’s Rory face mask (the profits on the last one go to a food bank).  They cost $12.95 each, and they are washable.

Don’t worry.  I still haven’t discovered the end of the internet, and there is plenty of time to discover more cool stuff.  Until then, enjoy this short video of my twin boys when they were just kittens.



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