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Teen Book Spotlight: House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Mass

Gretchen May 11, 2020

I know you are just waiting to hear all about Sarah J. Mass’s new book, but before I jump in and give you the review by our very own Brindi of the Madison Branch Library, I wanted just to ask if you knew that working at the library leads to the habit of taking home and reading popular and fun books, believe it or not?

To be honest, those of us at your local library don’t have enough time during our normal working hours to read our favorite books; however, we love to pick up the latest bestsellers or new books by our favorite authors and give our opinion on them after reading them on our down time.  It is the best job ever to first see and view the new books that just have been shipped to us from our booksellers. They are called Advance Reading Copies or ARCs. They are the books we get before they are published for us to review and give feedback!  We may find books that we never thought of picking up, but they grab our attention and we can’t put them down or walk by.  We want to give you that same opportunity to browse through our books too, and I know we all can’t wait for the library to open back up!  However don’t forget about our online ebooks, emusic, streaming movies and so much more!  You may find our e-materials here: /find/digital-resources

Working for the Mansfield Richland County Public Library, we want to bring you the latest and greatest works.  We take time to pick books that everyone would love to read.  We value your opinion as teen readers. We would love to hear what you are reading or give input on books that we may have overlooked or haven’t heard about.  It is our goal to find books that everyone will enjoy.  Maybe some of them are not the most popular works or bestsellers, but because they mean so much to our public, we want to try to meet your reading literacy needs.  If you ever get the chance, stop me,  or visit me at the library and let me know what you are reading.  I want to hear all about the works that you enjoy, and if you have any pointers on what to buy next, be sure to let me know, and I will pass it on to see if we can get them!  I would be honored to hear what you like to read!

Below is just one sample of the wonderful works that we have to offer at your local library or online.  The review was done by a young lady named Brindi at our Madison Branch Library.    She is one of our best and avid readers!  Here is her review.  We hope if you pick the book up you will enjoy it as much as she did.  Hope to see you in the near future at the library!

~ Gretchen 


Hand over my heart, the only salute I'm able to make.

The last 250 pages saved this book and had me happily whispering, you're redeemed, and made trudging along OH so worth it. Of course, the beginning of any book is mostly slow-moving because you're learning so many names of characters and places (and thank you as always, Maas, for including a map), and it's a new story you're trying to commit to, all the while trying hard to forget your beloved Court series because THIS IS NOT IT! And finally, you're through the start and things are in motion and you're waiting for it to take off and pull you in and are prepared to lose ALL the sleep tonight....

but it just plateaus, and drags....

And then you recognize a few too many similarities from ACOT&R and you stop, thinking “Maas?!? I'm already sad this isn't about my Rhys, stop reminding me!!”

And then you put it down. For a bit. A day or two, maybe. Stewing.

But you pick it up again because it's Sarah J. Maas. And you trust her, because she knows what she's doing.

So you push on, just a bit longer with enough curiosity, promise, and character chemistry to get you through--- and then WOW.

And let me tell you. Make sure you have cleared your schedule, and you have adequate time to finish because you won't want to put the book down, and sleep will be lost and you won't even care.

There were tears. I cried a few times, actually. I had so many emotions, and thoughts like,

“Maas better not!”

“Whew, thank the gods.”

“Ohhh no, she can't...nooo, nooooo!”

And quite a few,  “yassssss”

And just like that Maas did it again. The last third of this book was brilliant. Oh so worth everything else.

However, without oversharing too much....

I had issues with the whole oh-my-gods-how-could-you part of the plot line. I just wanted something else than THAT. But y'all just wait. Don't throw the book across the room just yet.

And the other part-- the library part-- I didn't want to view with others. I wanted to be right there, experiencing it with Bryce the whole way through, not the back and forth. I'll admit I was soooo irritated with that part and the way it was done, and I understand it was an easier way of explaining the whole to the... whole. UGH.

But then--- yessss. Everything happens, and I understand the why. Brilliant! Fan-freaking-tastic.”

Book Review by Brindi of the Madison Branch Library


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