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Featured Article: Get Up and Move!

May 11, 2020

Here at the library, we offer programming for homeschooling families throughout the school year. This month's homeschool program at Main Library was planned to explore physical education. Unfortunately, the program was canceled BUT we still want to share the program with everyone at home!

Traditional physical education involves things like running laps, doing jumping jacks, practicing ball skills, and participating in team games. These are great ways to move your body and get exercise--but they are not the only ways! Think for a minute about different ways you move your body throughout the day. You walk, lift, stretch, kneel, maybe even crawl and dance! All of these things can be used to learn how our bodies move and how it helps us be healthy!

Now is the perfect time to get outside and move! If you need some ideas, here are 13 PE ideas to try at home. Another great way to get ample body movement and try new things is to pick an activity from the Online Physical Education Network--you can even print out a Drop Everything and Move monthly calendar! For even more fun (and some learning too) keep track of your heart rate! Or track steps!

As always, you can find books about movement and exercise at the library and through our digital resources. There is also a plethora of phys ed and exercise resources at The Homeschool Mom.

There are many ways to stay active, move your body, and be well! And many reasons, too! Want to know how important movement and exercise are? Here's 10 benefits to physical activity and reasons why kids should exercise.

Which activity that moves your body will you and your family try today?

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