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Laura May 06, 2020

Do you like listening to Drake, Dua Lipa, Post Malone, Twenty One Pilots, and/or Lady Gaga?  Have you ever felt the need to binge watch ALL of the Sharknado movies?  Does having to wait for items on a hold list drive you crazy?  Would you be interested in watching a video clip of a crazy cat lady* walking her fluffy friend on a leash?  Then read on, you beautiful people, because this blogpost is for you!

So, until it was found that the Covid-19 virus could pass to housecats, I used to take my furbaby Madeline for walks on the bike trail.  I totally love the strange and judgemental looks that I get from other people when I do this.**  What follows in this blogpost is an account of the last time I was able to take Madeline there.  Walking slowly so that Madeline can keep up, I put on some wireless headphones and select the Hoopla app on my phone.  Most times I listen to audiobooks as I walk.  Some people have issues with audiobooks, but I would suggest trying to listen to a full cast recording if you ever get the chance.  One of my favorite full cast audiobooks is a fantasy book called Graceling by Kristin Cashore.

However on this particular occasion, I wanted to listen to music.  As I browsed through Hoopla’s music collection, I found a compilation CD called Pastel Goth.***  It includes songs from Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons, Lana Del Rey, and Thirty Seconds to Mars (and others).  A truly awesome listen if you are in the right mood.  However, I was hoping to listen to something more uptempo that would get me pumped.  My next find was one of my favorite metal bands called Nightwish.****  Now that put some fuel in my engine!

At this point in my walk with Madeline, we had arrived at the pond on the bike trail, and I chose to head back to my car.  Well, Madeline had decided that she was done walking, so I scooped her up and went on my way.   It was time to put all 6 of our feet up and watch a movie at home.  So, what app did I choose on my Apple TV?  Hoopla of course!  I just loved browsing through their cult classic section.  Where else can you find titles such as Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, WolfCop, and Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1?  As much as I love horror comedy, I wanted light and absurd.  So, I went with a New Zealand film called Eagle Vs Shark.  The Kiwi accent was a little thick for my understanding here and there, so I did turn the subtitles on.  Another great cult classic that is light and absurd is the “Weird” Al Yankovic movie UHF.

In closing, I would like to remind you all that Hoopla is a free service you can use with your library card with instant gratification on all of its titles.  No holds, no wait... ever!  During our state’s stay at home order, the library has been kind enough to increase the amount of monthly borrows to 12 instead of 10.  Plus, Hoopla is currently offering 1,680 titles as Bonus Borrows that do not count against your monthly limit.  That includes movies, music, TV shows,***** comics/graphic novels/manga, ebooks, and audiobooks.  What are you waiting for?  You can find Hoopla happiness just like I did.


*As “crazy cat lady” is a label associated with negative implications, I actually prefer to be called an eccentric feline enthusiast or EFE for short...  I just made that up.

**Some people actually have the need to stop and ask me, “Is that a cat?”  It never fails to make me giggle with delight.

***If you have ever SEEN me working at the library, you may guess as to why the cover of this album spoke to me.

****I know, a lot of people think that heavy metal is just a maelstrom of chaotic guitars and excessive screaming, but Nightwish is different.  The instrumentals are rich and layered, plus, in all of their albums before 2005, their lead vocalist had been a classically trained opera singer.  You must check out their cover of The Phantom of the Opera on their 2002 album Century Child.

*****Be careful of borrowing TV shows from Hoopla that are not Bonus Borrows, because each individual episode counts as 1 borrowing title from your monthly limit.

Congratulations!  You made it to the end of my blogpost.  Now enjoy this video clip of me, the EFE (see above * comment), walking Madeline the Himalayan cat on a leash with a tiny pink bunny backpack harness.  Have a nice day!

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