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Book Review: Raise Your Hand

March 30, 2020 0 comments


Raise Your Hand by Alice Paul Tapper
from Miss Rachel at Butler and Lucas Branches

I was surprised to learn that this book was written by a sixth grader! Nonetheless, a person of any age can learn some confidence from her. From the very beginning, Alice is scared to raise her hand, in fear that she doesn’t have the right answer. Alice even tells the reader what she felt like when the teacher called on her and she didn't have the right answer. This is something to which many people can relate: flushed cheeks and a rapidly beating heart. No one should feel this way! She wants every girl to have a voice as well as the confidence to use it. Alice makes sure that everyone knows that confidence helps break this cycle, but she wants you to be brave too! 

Alice Paul Tapper is named after Alice Paul, a famous women’s rights activist in the 1900’s. Paul helped ratify the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allowed women to vote. She also worked on the Equal Rights Amendment. 

Young girls will benefit from hearing that someone else felt the same way they have in class. Alice is a Girl Scout, and she was able to get a new patch and pledge program called “Raise Your Hand.” 

Alice also finds a few other important factors that many girls will find interesting, but you will have to read, Raise Your Hand, to learn more! 

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