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Story Time Starter: Stinky and Smelly

March 16, 2020 0 comments


Try out this fun story time that will have kids laughing and saying P.U.!

READ some of these great "smelly" books!

Five Stinky Socks                                      Jim Benton                             
Move Over Rover!                                      Karen Beaumont                    
Mo’s Stinky Sweater                                 David Bedford                        
Pig the Stinker                                          Aaron Blabey                        
Walter the Farting Dog                             William Kotzwinkle                
Something Smells                                     Blake Liliane Hellman             
The Case of the Stinky Stench               Josh Funk                                
I Stink                                                        Kate and Jim McMullan         
Dog Breath                                                Dav Pilkey                                
A Pet for Petunia                                      Paul Schmid                           
Big Smelly Bear                                        Britta Teckentrup                    
What’s That Awful Smell?                        Heather Tekavec                       
Pigeon Needs a Bath                               Mo Willems                            
The Stinkiest Animals                              Connie Colwell Miller             

SING this stinky song!
The Little Garbage Truck (tune: Wheels on the Bus)
The little garbage truck drives all around (driving motion)
All around, all around
The little Garbage Truck drives all around
All through the town
      The driver on the truck picks up the cans (reach down and pick up)
      The flies on the truck go buzz, buzz, buzz (buzzing noise)
      The people on the street say “man, it stinks” (hold nose)

PRACTICE color identification and counting with this rhyme that can easily be made into a fun flannel:
Five pairs of smelly socks
On my bedroom floor
Mom washed the BLUE pair
And then there were four

Four pairs of smelly socks
They belong to me
Dad washed the PINK pair
And then there were three

Three pairs of smelly socks
What’s a kids to do?
Brother washed the PURPLE pair
And then there were two 

Two pairs of smelly socks
I wear them when I run
Sister washed the GREEN pair
And then there was one

One pair of smelly socks
One and only one
I guess I’ll wash the ORANGE pair
And then there will be none.

No more pairs of smelly socks
We washed them all today, but wait until tomorrow
More are on the way!

CREATE a fun craft or DO an activity to finish off your stinky story time!
Skunk paper plate craft 
Garbage Truck Color Page



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