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The Good Liar

Amy - AV February 14, 2020

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The Good Liar stars the esteemed Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen which is the sole reason for my desire to see this film. Betty McLeish (Mirren) is a widow that tries her hand at online dating. She meets Roy Courtnay (McKellen) at a coffee shop where the first lies are revealed. The story then progresses fairly quickly with more of Roy’s misdeeds becoming known, but leaving the character of Betty in darkness. Her nephew repeatedly cautions her against moving so fast, but she almost blindly disregards him making one think she is idiotic. The twist at the end of the movie explains it all but left me feeling like there should have been more said on the subject. There is definite suspense in the film and also some disturbing violence, and the acting is top notch. However, the story was lacking which left me feeling that this was a mediocre movie at best.

Overall Rating: C

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