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Book Review: Who Wet My Pants?

February 03, 2020 0 comments

Who Wet My Pants? by Bob Shea
Miss Brindi at Madison Branch

Did you ever look down and realize your pants were….ummmm WET?

Yep. Reuben has wet pants. And none of his camping friends are getting donuts until he finds out WHO WET HIS PANTS?! Was it Tim? Or Bigfoot? Or maybe his pal raccoon? Nobody knows. To help Reuben figure it out, his scout troop of animal friends suggests he retraces his steps to see if he can remember what might have caused his wet pants.

Accidents happen, and in this laugh-out-loud picture book, readers will watch this blame-game unfold. With the help of compassion from his friends, Reuben learns how to deal with embarrassment and forgiveness. It is a hilarious, yet important lesson we all learn eventually.

These illustrations have a fun way about them, which lightens the moral of the story. The whole tale is told through speech bubbles, so readers are following a conversation. I like it this way because you feel involved in the mystery of the wet pants, and it is as if you’re going on a hunt yourself. However, I’m sure you’ll catch on quickly, just like his friends! 

I am a huge fan of Bob Shea! His books are creative, a bit quirky, and always a hoot. Some of my favorites are New Socks, Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great, Ballet Cat series, Dinosaur vs. series, and Manners Mashup.  Be sure to check out Who Wet My Pants?!

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