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The Outer Worlds - Video Game

Kaylin - AV January 10, 2020

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The video game The Outer Worlds, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, is an epic first-person shooter that will literally take players to other worlds. In Outer Worlds players take control of a would-be space colonizer, yet things go awry and, instead, players are forced to become a reluctant hero. The mission is to find resources on several planets so that a mad scientist, Phineas Welles, can save your fellow colonists from being trapped in cryo-sleep. The megacorporations that rule the galaxy are adamant to prevent Phineas from succeeding, as they’ve stated that the thousands of sleeping souls on the colony ship have died. The truth however, is that they simply lacked the resources to wake them up and opted to let them sleep forever, while weaving a tale of tragic loss. The player takes the helm of their own spaceship, creating a custom character, recruiting companions to help them in their mission, and relying on multiple skills to weave the story the way they desire. Throughout the game players are treated to gorgeously rendered landscapes, brilliant graphics, and a smooth control system that makes playing the game a true joy. Players also have options to adjust the difficulty of the game so they can either enjoy a more story focused experience or a difficult battle intensive game that requires more adaptive thinking and strategy.

Overall rating: A

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