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Hustlers - Movie Review

Melinda - AV January 03, 2020

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Hustlers, the 2019 film that was inspired by the 2015 New York Magazine titled “The Hustler’s at Scores” was in fact a true story. Jennifer Lopez (aka known as J-Lo) starred in it as the main character, Ramona Vega and she also produced this film alongside other well -known producers which included Mr. Will Farrell. This film tells the story of a crew of New York strippers in the 2007-2008 era that were all about making their money to survive. Destiny, one of the main dancers (played by Constance Wu) her main focus was to work this profession so she could make ends meet and take care of her elderly grandmother. Destiny was not feeling too confident as she began her new profession at “Moves” night club in NYC until she meets long term vet Ramona Vega who definitely knew her moves very well and all about the stripping profession. Ramona (J-Lo) decides to make Destiny her protégé and very quickly they become quite the team.  But, just as business is going well, a financial collapse happens in 2008 and begins to cut into their money and profits at the club. Due to this, Ramona has to figure out how to keep making their good fast money to keep up with their new acclaimed lavish lifestyles that they were getting used to. So, Ramona decides to come up with a scheme to turn the tables on their most reliable customers who happened to be all of the wealthy men of Wall Street. You need to watch this to see how this scheme unfolds. Just a hint if you decide to view this movie you will find out that all fast money is not necessarily good money. I had mixed emotions on this film, it was OK, but I am glad I waited for the DVD. I am a big J- Lo fan and I liked some of the other actresses in the film but I was not that impressed with the movie as a whole.

 Overall Rating: C+

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