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Story Time Starter: Stinky and Smelly

December 16, 2019 0 comments

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P.U!  This month's story time starter explores stinky and smelly things. As you investigate this odoriferous topic, don't neglect non-fiction books!  Non-fiction books give kids a chance to learn new concepts and vocabulary.  Try a fun book that introduces smell like Smell by Karen Durrie or Smell by Sue Hurwitz.  There are many stinky and smelly picture books to choose from too!  Big Smelly Bear by Britta Teckentrup is another "smelly" favorite! Read this stinky story where  "Big Fluffy Bear insists that Big Smelly Bear visit the pond for a bath before she will scratch the itch he cannot reach."    Another favorite story, Karen Beaumont's, Move Over Rover, tells of a storm that comes and Rover does not have his dog house all to himself! there may even be a stinky friend inside!  And finally, What's That Awful Smell? by Heather Tekvec tells about a group of animals investigating an odor in their barn and all their funny antics to get rid of the awful smell!

Try out this fun rhyme that is an easy to make flannel or magnetic story. 
Five Pairs of Smelly Socks
Five pairs of smelly socks
On my bedroom floor
Mom washed the BLUE pair
And then there were four

Four pairs of smelly socks
They belong to me
Dad washed the PINK pair
And then there were three

Three pairs of smelly socks
What’s a kids to do?
Brother washed the PURPLE pair
And then there were two 

Two pairs of smelly socks
I wear them when I run
Sister washed the GREEN pair
And then there was one

One pair of smelly socks
One and only one
I guess I’ll wash the ORANGE pair
And then there will be none.

No more pairs of smelly socks
We washed them all today, But wait until tomorrow
More are on the way!

Also, try this fun song too!
The Little Garbage Truck (Wheels on the Bus)
The little garbage truck drives all around (driving motion)
All around, all around
The little Garbage Truck drives all around
All through the town

The driver on the truck picks up the cans (reach down and pick up)
The flies on the truck go buzz, buzz, buzz (buzzing noise)
The people on the street say “man, it stinks” (hold nose)

And finish your stinky story time with a fun craft:
Try making a Paper Plate Bear in honor of the Big Smelly Bear!

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