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Food Coop - Movie Review

Amy - AV December 13, 2019

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The idea that anywhere in our country we can have a program where every person is given the opportunity to work only 2.75 hours per month in order to receive healthy, reasonably priced food intrigued me. The Park Slope Food Coop exists in Brooklyn, New York and has been successfully running since 1973! The film was done in part because there was a group from Paris, France who was interested in starting a food coop in their city. The Brooklyn coop has 16,000 members who work alongside one another in order to have the right to get fresh, and most times even organic, food at prices well below any chain supermarket. And I was shocked at the fact that fresh food is not the norm in a city as populated as New York City. Even though there are neighborhood delis and bodegas on every corner, these establishments only offer processed and canned foods. I will say this is not an exciting film to watch. It might put you to sleep before you can get all the way through the 97 long minutes. However, the idea of this video makes me wonder why this is not being done in every community in the United States.

 Overall rating: A for the idea, D for the delivery




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