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Story Time Starter: Wolves & Friends

November 04, 2019 0 comments

This month's story time starter is all about wolves and their friends, like coyotes and foxes. You'd be surprised how many classic stories have a wolf as one of the characters—think Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Pigs, or The Boy Who Cried Wolf. But there are plenty of modern stories, as well.

Wolfie the Bunny by Anne Dyckman and illustrated by Zachariah OHora, shows us that a wolf in a bunny costume is not as nefarious as we might think (especially when faced with a bear who wants to eat Wolfie and his bunny sister up). Next, Suzy Goose might want to be a bit more careful about where she's walking, because a stealthy fox, a hungry wolf, and a huge bear follow her when she sets off to find some dinner in Look Out, Suzy Goose by Petr Horacek. In Mark Teague's The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf, we see that the wolf really isn't that bad, he's just hungry (or hangry?!) because he can't get anyone to serve him some delicious pizza.

Other good books include That is Not a Good Idea, by Mo Willems; Watch Out for Wolf!, by Anica Mrose Rissi and illustrated by Charles Santoso; There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea, by Jennifer Ward and illustrated by Steve Gray; Good Little Wolf, by Nadia Shireen, and Howl Like a Wolf!, by Kathleen Yale and illustrated by Kaley McKean.

Next, let's look at some rhymes and songs.

This Little Wolf
This little wolf liked to howl
This little wolf preferred to growl
This little wolf was panting to play
And this little wolf was happy all day!
How many wolves are there? 1-2-3-4

Five Little Wolf Pups
Five little wolf pups were playing in the sun.                                      
   Hold hands up, fingers extended
This one saw a rabbit, and he began to run.                                     
   Bend first finger down
This one saw a butterfly, and he began to race.                              
   Bend second finger down
This one saw a cat, and he began to chase.                                    
   Bend third finger down
This one tried to catch his tail, and he went round and round.     
   Bend fourth finger down
This one was so quiet, he never made a sound.                             
   Bend thumb down

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West CD
   Song: There’s a Scary Looking Wolf in Town (#23)
Animal Songs & Stories CD (Susie Tallman)
   Song: The Fox Song (#19)
Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix, Vol. 1 CD (The Whizpops)
   Song: Swift Fox (#1)
Wiggly Wiggly World CD (The Wiggles)
   Song: One Little Coyote (#8)

Lastly, here are some fun crafts and activities to extend the story time.

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